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Xilence makes laptops cool - Three new laptop coolers released

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Hanover, 13 July 2012 - Xilence, a specialist in cooling, power supply and noise reduction for PCs and laptops, is releasing three new laptop coolers today with models Z12 (COO-XPLP-Z12.BS), Z15 (COO-XPLP-Z15.BS) and S100 (COO-XPLP.S100.BS).

Model Z12 (COO-XPLP-Z12.BS) for laptops with a screen size of up to 12 inches and model Z15 (COO-XPLP-Z15.BS) for 15.6 inch models are both equipped with two quiet 60mm fans that produce minimum noise with simultaneous high air throughput. The laptop coolers feature a particularly slim design, making them perfect for use on the go.

The 32cm wide S100 (COO-XPLP.S100.BS) has three 60mm fans that rotate at an even lower speed, making it nearly inaudible. At just 13cm deep, the S100 is particularly slim, fitting easily in every briefcase and on every desk, where it will help cool your laptop and extend its service lifetime.

The three coolers are equipped with an additional USB 2.0 interface. All three models are available in stores now. Xilence announces the following recommended retail prices:

  • Z12 (COO-XPLP-Z12.BS): €19.90
  • Z15 (COO-XPLP-Z15.BS): €24.90
  • S100 (COO-XPLP.S100.BS): €19.90

More information can be found at:

XILENCE website: www.xilence.net

XILENCE @ Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xilence.


Xilence Technology, a leading manufacturer of computer components and accessories, stands for innovative cases, power supplies and cooling solutions, as well as for high-quality PC and laptop accessories. With development and quality assurance operations based in Germany, along with branch offices in Taiwan and southern China, XILENCE is positioned globally, allowing it to respond with a high degree of flexibility to market changes. This guarantees the best possible products for enthusiasts and demanding PC users.