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OverclockersUK presents CRYORIG

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Where it all began

CRYORIG was founded in 2013, but the industry experts that fuel it have been working with cooling systems for many years prior and all share a great passion for the modding community. Whilst working for companies such as Phanteks and Thermalright the team came together to tinker with their own designs at home, eventually patenting their own range of innovative cooling systems. 

The company hit the ground running, winning "Best Startup Company of Computex 2014" from Tom's Hardware for their continued efforts to produce a quality range of products; setting high expectations for their future in the industry.  

NZXT  CAM collaboration - H7 Quad Lumi

In June CRYORIG released the new H7 QUAD LUMI which features four 6mm copper heat pipes cooled by a 120mm 1,600 RPM LED fan. Using it's own built in RBG controller powered by NZXT'S CAM, the H7 LUMI is capable of independently controlling the logo and base lighting of the heat sink via the CAM software. You can even download a smartphone app to access the lighting features remotely.

The H7 Quad Lumi is innovative because it's the first CAM powered peripheral built on NZXT's Hue + controller board; coming with 9 different lighting effects and with promise of future firmware updates. The lumi isn't just great at looking the part, it also has the ability to monitor the CPU temp, fan RPM control and adjustment of profile settings via the CAM software.

The new Quick Mount system will also provide support for LGA2011 v3 as well as continue support for LGA115x and AMD’s AM4 sockets. Supporting all latest offerings from Intel and AMD. 

The H7 Quad Lumi is avaliable at OverclockersUK for £59.99

Dimension ( with fan ): L98 mm x W123 mm x H145 mm

A40 Hybrid All in One Liquid CPU Cooler - 240mm

CRYORIG have designed the A40 watercooling unit with real world applications in mind. By applying a proprietary Airflow fan into the design, CRYORIG’s HLC (Hybrid Liquid Cooling) unit significantly lowers surrounding stagnant heat. Cooler components means more system stability, a much needed necessity when overclocking.

The HLC Airflow works between 1500-3000RPM, with the ability direct the airflow in both push and pull mode it can work around builds with unusual designs. 

In terms of the radiator, the A-40 comes with a MultiSeg aluminium back-plate for a secure fitting. Featuring a High FPI count, air pressure and increased heat exchange surface guarantees the CRYORIG A Series for cooling performance. The radiator also features two 2200RPM Quad Air Inlet fans, providing a constant supply of air for an efficient heat exchange. 

Built on the bases of Asetek’s Gen. 5 Pump and Cold Plate design, CRYORIG’s A40 HCL units have a completely redesigned and improved pump system. A redesigned impeller and motor system increases impeller torque and optimized liquid routing.

The A40 is available at OverclockersUK for £89.99

Radiator Dimensions    L272 x W120 x H27.5 mm
Pump Dimensions (with fan): L88 x W88 x H116.2 mm

Low Profile Cooling with the CRYORIG C1 

CRYORIG have really worked to cover all the bases in terms of cooling, with the C1 designed specifically for ITX systems this low profile solution features patented direct-compress soldering giving maximum surface contact. 

U-Type heatpipes spreads heat in two Directions simultaneously increasing heat carrying capacity. The C1 has a total of 6 full copper sintered heatpipes, containing 4 high capacity U-Type heatpipes nearly doubling the cooling capacity

The C1 also features s CRYORIG proprietary Jet Fin Acceleration System which utilizes two stacks of fins with different gap distances, expelling hot exhaust out of the heatsink with a swift efficiency.

The C1 is available from OverclockersUK for £64.99

Heat Sink Dimension ( with fan ): L144.5 mm x W140 mm x H74 mm
Fan Dimension: L140 mm x W140 mm x H13 mm

CRYORIG Thanks Its Supporters  

"The PC Modding and Overclocking community has always been a tight knit sub-culture within the technology world. In our community we share information and knowledge regarding the latest overclocking tips or memory timings so our community as a whole can continue to grow regardless of our fall from mainstream. We try hard to preserve our hobbies and to sometimes pass on the passion we have for PC’s.
This is why also I created CRYORIG. For the majority of my professional life, I have been building heatsinks and peripherals for other brands. Me and my brother David have invented and patented multiple manufacturing processes regarding how to make a better heatsink and cooler. We ourselves have never stopped in this journey of improvement, and over a period of 5 years we have been pouring all our knowledge and know how into one prototype product, the R1. But the R1 was still rough around the edges and was far from read. Over the years we began contacting other like minded professionals in the field, and with some luck and help, in the beginning of 2013 we finally had our all star team together.

So CYRORIG may have been first registered only in 2013, but for us it was years and years in the making. This is why CRYORIG as a whole wants to thank you the consumer, the enthusiast, the overclocker, the PC builder for keeping this wonderful community of ours very much alive. Also, just by visiting our page, you’re giving us a chance to give back to the community we love. And help us in making CRYORIG the coolest rigs on the planet."

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