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Lancool K1 and K1-Pro Midi-Tower Chassis

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10 July 2008, Keelung, Taiwan – Today the PC- K1 and PC-K1 Pro are launched under the Lancool brand. Incorporating outstanding quality and craftsmanship; the Lancool series have a steel inner-core, making them 40% stronger than all-aluminum chassis, but also considerably cheaper, and while the frame is heavy(7.2kg), it is not so heavy as a standard metal chassis.

There are many unique touches that make Lancool products stand out as an executive upper-class chassis. Those features include an all aluminum chassis exterior, giving the case the traditional hair-line brushed finish with black anodizing, while the internals have finely honed edges to keep up high safety standards. The PC-K1 Pro has an all white interior finish, ideal for reflecting light with LED’s. There is one 14cm Blue LED fan in the front, and one 12cm Blue LED fan at the rear of the chassis maintaining the high quality but incorporating a colorful option for the gaming enthusiast. 

The PC- K1 and PC-K1 Pro are subtly different in that the PC-K1 Pro has an LED fan in the front and back, and a clear window in the side panel. Both cases are designed for the power user, so they are wide and rigid, using the minimalist style where every aspect is well thought out and has a specific purpose. There are no frills, but lots of thrills, especially if you are a modder. The outer shell; all in aluminum, is easily cut and modified, while the internal core; made of steel is 40% stronger than an all-aluminum case. The added rigidity makes these cases ideal for carting around to LAN’s to show off your kit.

The PC-K1 & PC-K1 Pro have a120mm extraction fan (1000RPM) at the back, and a 140mm intake fan (900RPM) on the front, with silent padding on the front panel to reduce noise levels from the internal components. The chassis has special anti-vibration clips for the side panels which are placed strategically to prevent vibration from ruining your day, especially if you have a large Raptor HDD drive which can cause quite a racquet. The HDD bay which can support 4xHDD’s has special mounting tool-less screws with rubber grommets to keep the HDD’s completely secure. 

Additional features include a removable motherboard tray for easy installation, vent holes on the PCI slot brackets, 7x PCI slots, 5x 5.25” bays (one is interchangeable with a 3.5” bay), special clips to secure ODD’s tool-lessly; simply insert the ODD and it clips into place directly. The front panel has special clips to secure it vibration free into place giving the chassis a finely crafted look and feel. There is an I/O bracket with dust cover on the top panel, with 2x USB2.0 / 1x IEEE1394 / and HD+AC97 Audio capabilities. Both chassis support full ATX, and micro-ATX form factor motherboards and have a secure PSU bay designed to keep the PSU rigid during transportation.

Cable management is a synch; with special cable clips on the back of the motherboard tray to secure those in-the-way cables. The top panel can be removed or replaced and is another convenience for water cooling enthusiasts out there, who can also find a set of pre-bored holes for water pipes.

For more details on features and extras available for the Lancool K1 please go here: http://www.lancoolpc.com/en/product/product06.php?pr_index=7&cl_index=1&sc_index=25&ss_index=62
For more details on features and extras available for the Lancool K1-Pro please go here: http://www.lancoolpc.com/en/product/product06.php?pr_index=9&cl_index=1&sc_index=25&ss_index=62