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Aerocool Unveils the Klaw Mid-tower PC Case

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  • Slash marks that you can program
  • Two tempered glass side panels
  • Included ARGB fans and 10-port controller hub

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – It is safe to assume that the trifecta of RGB slash marks on the front inspired the name of Aerocool’s new case – the Klaw. And like the other members of the company’s new RGB case family, there’s a lot going for a case that doesn’t break the US$80 mark.  

Many Ways to RGB

Despite its retail price, the Klaw comes with two tempered glass side panels, 3 addressable RGB (ARGB) lighting strips on the front panel, and 3 addressable RGB (ARGB) fans. All of those 6-pin and 3-pin headers can plug into the 10-port PWM controller hub that in turn can connect to the motherboard via 3-pin ARGB header. Using compatible motherboard software would allow you to program all of the included lights down to the node, or you can simply use the included controller or the I/O to toggle lighting presets. 

A Girthy Interior

The interior of the Klaw contains all of the standard goodies except for its noticeably wider girth (228 mm x 461 mm x 445.5 mm) as compared to some of the other members of Aerocool’s newest RGB case family. Those looking for a cushy interior will appreciate that extra width in the 23 mm-wide cable management space behind the motherboard tray. There is space enough for taller CPU coolers and long graphics cards, and a PSU partition for hiding cables and tighter airflow. Storage areas include four 2.5-inch mounts, two on either sides of the motherboard tray; and two 3.5-inch drive bays in the bottom compartment that can each support 2.5-inch drives. 

Aerocool has opted for flush looks with the Klaw, which means ventilation will have to work with the top and back of the case. Liquid radiators up to 280mm, or two 120mm/140mm fans will fit on both the front and top brackets; along with a 120mm rear exhaust. Front panel connectivity includes two USB 2.0/1.1 ports, one USB 3.0 port, HDA jacks, and a button to cycle through presets of the LED controller.

The case will retail at US$79.99, though pricing may vary by region.

“RGB Heroes” Social Media Contest with US$10K Prize Pool

March 18th also marks the launch of a US$10K prize pool contest and a chance to win a customized version of the Klaw or one of its RGB brethren. 

To enter, visit the landing page.

About Aerocool: 

Aerocool is a Taipei-based, global computer components company with an outstanding record in product design and innovation. Driven by the mantra ‘Be Cool, Be Aerocool’, Aerocool strive to provide innovation in design yet deliver an affordable solution to PC users worldwide. For more information on Aerocool, please visit http://www.aerocool.io/.