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Aerocool’s New RGB Case Squad Arriving Soon

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  • 6 new RGB-centric PC cases hitting markets in late March  
  • Global US$10k contest with new cases

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Aerocool Advanced Technologies Corp., a leading PC gaming hardware and accessories design company, has announced the launch of not just one but six new PC cases, all glowing with RGB lighting accents and lightweight price tags. The cases are hitting markets throughout March and April.

Breaking Down The RGB Squad 

The launch of a family of RGB case designs follows the global success of Aerocool’s Cylon case series, which has sold over 100,000 units since its launch in 2018. The new additions of the RGB squad – with the flagship, full-tower Tor Pro followed by the Tor, Klaw, Bolt, Shard, and Playa – all come etched with their own unique RGB lighting accents, non-linear designs, and a price tag under US$70 (excepting the full tower flagship). The cases will be available over the start of the Spring as they arrive in markets around Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas.

Premium Features for Under US$100

Many of the models in this sub-US$100 family of cases bring “premium” features to the affordable mass market. A summary of common features:

  • Tempered glass front and/or side panels 
  • Adjustable RGB case lighting via controller or 3rd party software
  • Included ARGB (Addressable) or RGB fans on most models
  • Multi-port PWM controller hub (on Tor Pro, Tor, and Klaw models)
  • Dual chamber design for cleaner cable management and tighter airflow

“RGB Heroes” Social Media Contest with US$10K Prize Pool

Today marks the launch of a worldwide RGB Heroes contest. Along with a customized version of PC cases by veterans Dario Ivanković, Corey Gregory, and Dewayne Carel, contestants also have a shot at a US$10k product prize pool of PC parts, accessories and supplements from Aerocool, ThunderX3 and sponsors Palit Microsystems, Teamgroup, Asrock, and Outbreak Nutrition. 

To enter, visit the landing page.

About Aerocool: 

Aerocool is a Taipei-based, global computer components company with an outstanding record in product design and innovation. Driven by the mantra ‘Be Cool, Be Aerocool’, Aerocool strive to provide innovation in design yet deliver an affordable solution to PC users worldwide. For more information on Aerocool, please visit http://www.aerocool.io/.