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QOTW: Which desktop web browser do you prefer?

by Parm Mann on 29 January 2016, 16:31

Tags: Opera (OPERA.OL), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Mozilla

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Source: StatCounter Global Stats

It has been a while since we last talked about desktop web browsers. Back in early 2014, a fair few of you declared Firefox to be the best browser available, but have your allegiances changed since then?

Looking at usage statistics for the first four weeks of 2016, Google's Chrome rules the roost with almost 60 per cent market share. After that, Firefox 5 and Internet Explorer 11 are battling it out for second place while the likes of Safari and Edge have barely made a dent.

Market share isn't everything, mind, and something as minor as a particular extension or UI element can have a significant impact on our personal preferences. So let's hear it, which desktop web browser do you prefer? Let us know your choices, and your reasons why, using the comments facility below.

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Chrome all the way - preferably 64bit. I've also deployed it as the default browser in my organisation via GPO.
I've stuck with firefox simply becasue all the addons I need work. Did try chrome but it was during the ‘we spy on on your period’ so stopped.

Also, historically was not so good at rendering pages, I'll assume that is now fixed?
Depends on platform. I float between Firefox and Opera on Windows, and those two and PaleMoon on Android.

I haven't used IE for years other than odd occasions. I no way am I using Chrome. I have to grit my teeth to use Android but no way am I using (on my machines) a Google browser.
It was the comments on the 2014 HEXUS feature that prompted me to switch to Pale Moon (x64).

v26 has just been released, complete with Goanna (their version of Gecko), and I'm still very happy with it and have no plans to move to another browser. It is annoying that big players like Google are relying on user-agent sniffing and trying to say it's incompatible though (which I of course promptly ignore and carry on using without issues anyway) rather than checking for the actual feature support another way.

Plus I still prefer the original design, not the Chrome or Chrome-clone designs other browsers have gone to.
Firefox at home.
Work apps only run in IE, for some annoying reason…

All my friends use Chrome.
Some “people that I've met” use some kind of iBrowser on their iComputer wotsists, but that's all iKnow about that… :)