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OCZ's cunning plan and a 2kW PSU

by Tarinder Sandhu on 9 January 2007, 09:30


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OCZ Technology has a cunning plan. It goes something like this. Invite the world's press over for an after hours party and have a VP stand in a corner, next to some new, unreleased technology. Said press then congregate and snap pictures of this new technology and publish it on websites like these. A cunning plan indeed.

The new technology is an external power supply with a whopping 2kW power rating. It's so outlandish that it requires two power plugs in the U.S. How does 140A on the 12V rail sound?

The question is whether you have a rig that can exploit the outrageous power on offer.

We'll have more on this behemoth later today when we meet up with OCZ's brass.

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I haven't seen something that scary since watching a dodgy old black & white film with much shouting of “It's aaaliiiive!” in it! :D
I hope that's a piece of manufacturing “because they can” and not because we need it.

I would never run a PC that consumed 2kW of power.
Is there a system that could need that much?

Quad SLI'd 8800GTX with 10HDs and an AMD 2x2 core?
Insane…fire up those generators guys, the National Grid cant take that kinda punishment from all of us ;p
It's all a great big widgey-waving contest.

Pointless, pointless, pointless.