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QOTW: Do you prefer single or multiple monitors?

by Parm Mann on 26 January 2018, 16:31

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Choosing the right monitor has become an important consideration. Today's panels can have a huge influence on our computing experience, with certain features benefitting particular workloads. Want silky smooth gameplay? Then FreeSync or G-Sync ought to be on your radar. Want to maximise productivity? Then consider a 4K resolution.

There are plenty of variables to contemplate, including whether to go for a single- or multi-monitor setup. The latter can be a real boon for productivity, but with the high-res and ultra-wide panels on offer today, is a single display the better choice? It's an interesting decision, so let's hear your thoughts: do you prefer single or multiple monitors? Let us know your thoughts using the comments facility below.

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I would like two,but space and cost are the issues,since I would want an identical monitor if possible and it is now £400ish from Dell!
I have 2x24" UHD IPS monitors, not got room for bigger (of course a single larger one would work)

Being a photographer/videographer its usually a preview on the second monitor, did run a 1080p one at first but the transition moving between the 2 was painful.

Total cost £399.98.

I can work on a single monitor and would say 1440p in a minimum.
got two now one for stuff and one to tab over to 1440p, would not mind a 3-4 monitor setting at some point.
I can work on a single monitor and would say 1440p in a minimum.

Yeah,for image editing I would agree,as my UP2516D is qHD too.
I use two 24" 16x10 monitors as I do a lot of photo editing so its good to have two & to have that bit of extra depth.