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QOTW: PC monitors - high resolution or high refresh?

by Parm Mann on 7 April 2017, 16:31

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PC display technology has come a long way in recent years. Today's latest panels offer dazzling visuals driven primarily by the race for more pixels and a faster refresh rate. But which of these two features do you consider to be most important to your own usage scenarios?

A 4K resolution is often marketed as the gold standard - and to be fair, all those extra pixels do create impressive visuals - but for gamers in particular a higher refresh rate can be considered more beneficial. In an ideal world we'd want a 4K display running at 240Hz, and a next-, next-generation Titan X to deliver the horsepower required to deliver such goodness.

But given the hardware that's available today, there tends to be a compromise somewhere along the way, so for this week's question let us ask: PC monitors - high resolution or high refresh? Let us know which you favour, and your preferred usage scenario, in the comments facility below.

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Neither - higher colour accuracy and a wider dynamic range.
Its always going to be refresh over res for experienced fast paced online gamers. 144hz 4k will do if the likes of the ROG Swift PG27UQ has low input lag. I believe most of the 240hz monitors currently released have high input lag thus won't be used competitively
Nothing better the 1440p 165hz IPS with G-sync
I would take higher refresh over more resolution any time, especially if paired with variable refresh technology.
I have a 27“ 144hz (1440p) monitor and a 34” Ultrawide 1440p 60hz monitor. Both IPS.

I've been using the Ultrawide a lot more.. Better colour accuracy, sharper image and I don't miss my 144hz monitor for gaming. Would take better colour accuracy and res over hz any day of the week..