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HEXUS Week in Review: Episode 47, 2012

by Parm Mann on 23 November 2012, 16:00

Tags: Corsair, Sapphire, Shuttle, Rosewill

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Corsair Flash Voyager GT USB 3.0 64GB Flash Drive

The price of flash memory has continued to drop throughout 2012. A search on any bargain-finding website reveals that USB sticks commonly retail at what ...

Sapphire Pure Platinum A85XT (PT-F2A85X)

Readers contemplating purchasing a second-generation AMD 'Trinity' A-series APU processor will also need to lay out further cash on a motherboard. Just like the range ...

Shuttle Omninas KD20

Shuttle is best known for developing pint-sized mini PCs, but the company is always prepared to dabble in other areas and, for its latest venture, ...

Fed up with seeing us Brits get all the best competitions? Don't worry, we're looking out for our friends across the pond by teaming up ...

Competition closing date: 10 December 2012, 23:59

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