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HEXUS Week In Review: gaming rigs, chassis and quality PSUs

by Parm Mann on 3 February 2017, 16:01

Tags: SCAN, be-quiet, NZXT, Gigabyte (TPE:2376), AMD (NYSE:AMD)

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Scan 3XS Gamer Aura

Is PC gaming becoming a more refined experience? The massive towers of yesteryear are fading into memory, software has been streamlined, and both manufacturers and ...

be quiet! Pure Power 10 600W

Cooling and chassis specialist be quiet! has its provenance in power-supply units (PSUs). The current range is split into seven categories - Dark Power Pro, ...

NZXT Noctis 450 ROG

If you're a chassis manufacturer creating enthusiast towers, how do you go about making your product stand out from others? It's easier said than done ...

Asus, Gigabyte, Sapphire and XFX Radeon RX 460 compared

Our recent look at the Radeon RX 460 GPU highlighted the truth that you needn't spend thousands of pounds on a PC to avail yourself ...

Eager to kick-start your PC gaming experience in 2017? Then this is just the competition for you. In partnership with GIGABYTE and DinoPC, we're giving ...

Competition closing date: 20 February 2017, 22:00

How about this for a January pick-me-up. We're giving away an AMD RX 460-based PC capable of playing the latest games at the ubiquitous 1080p ...

Competition closing date: 20 February 2017, 22:00

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