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QOTW: Will you be buying the second-gen Microsoft Surface?

by Parm Mann on 27 September 2013, 19:06

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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A Windows tablet has sounded like a good idea for about as long as we can remember, but whether it be UMPCs, slates or Surfaces, they've thus far failed to live up to their billing.

All the productivity of a PC, your favourite apps, all-day battery life, desktop processing power, and of course Microsoft Office. These are, among other things, the features a Windows tablet will probably need to have if it's to follow in the footsteps of the iPad and achieve widespread appeal.

The Surface tablet, launched last year, came close to hitting all of the right notes, but it needed two devices to make it happen; an ARM-based Surface RT and an Intel-based Surface Pro.

Fast forward 12 months and Microsoft says it has listened to consumer feedback and created a second-generation Surface that it calls "the one device for everything in your life."

Problem is, there are, in fact, still two devices. The Surface 2, powered by Windows RT 8.1, is thinner, lighter, faster, with up to 10 hours of battery life, Microsoft Office as standard, a new two-stage kickstand and a full-HD 1080p display, all for £359.

Somewhat tempting, but Surface 2 can't run your traditional desktop applications, so if you're looking for a tablet that throws power and productivity into the mix, you'll need to turn your attention to the Surface Pro 2. Here we have the performance of an Intel Haswell processor, improved battery life, and yes, it runs the fell version of Windows 8.1, maintaining support with all the programs on your desktop PC. The downsides? Well, it isn't any thinner or lighter, and it costs £719.

Two interesting propositions, and we're personally excited about trying both versions of the new Surface, but let's hear it from you, the readers: will you be buying a second-generation Surface? Let us know your reasons for or against in the comments below.

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I'm tempted by the new pro even though it is still on the expensive side! Was hoping they would release the power cover at the same time!
Or it's a case of waiting for the Asus Transformer Book Trio.
If I could afford it I might but I can't afford it so I'll stick to a laptop for my needs. I am considering an extra life battery for my laptop though because so far I've found little point in taking my laptop out of my rented room at uni because it doesn't last long enough. There are computers at uni so I may as well use them.
I'm hoping they release some decent student\teacher pricing so I can pick up a Surface 2.

Currently use a Dell Venue Pro running Windows Phone 7.8 and I have only have 9 additional apps (Not including games) installed. A few of those are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn apps that just expand on already present features.

I've had a play with an old Surface RT with Touch Cover and I like them, and all the main apps I'd need are either pre-installed or available on the Windows Store.

Saying all of this, if they have some heavy discounts on the Surface Pro 2, then I might even go for one of those, but I highly doubt my wallet or wife will agree!
Already pre-ordered.

But then again, you guys knew that already, my RT is my favourite tablet out of the bunch I've got (Nexus 7, Nexus 10, iPad 2, some generic chinese stuff) hell the touch cover is amazing…. I can type on it!
I'd have snapped up the RT if it supported a proper stylus like the pro does.

But for now I'm hanging on to my 4 year old Dell Latitude XT2 because can't afford the pro :(