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QOTW: Do you plan on upgrading to 4G?

by Parm Mann on 30 August 2013, 16:30

Tags: Everything Everywhere, O2/Telefonica (NYSE:TEF), Vodafone (LON:VOD), Three (HKG:0013)

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Get ready, folks. Now that Vodafone, O2 and Three are all making the move to super-fast networks, the number 4 and the letter G are certain to feature in every other TV ad, billboard or radio broadcast. That's with or without The Bacon.

The fourth-generation mobile communication technology promises to be up to 10 times faster than standard 3G, bringing broadband-like performance to mobile devices all around the globe. Though, it's not quite as easy as that: you'll need a 4G-ready handset in order to get it on the high-speed action, a 4G-enabled service from your mobile network provider, and depending on where you live, you may have to wait a while for comprehensive coverage.

Then there's the issue of cost. In the UK, at least, 4G connectivity has thus far carried a premium price, so it's perhaps no surprise to find that a recent Ofcom report revealed that while almost 80 per cent of adults with a mobile phone were aware of 4G services, only 30 per cent said they would like to upgrade to 4G when their contract expires.

It's been a slow start for the high-speed service, but 4G technology will help shape our digitally connected future. And let's face it, who can resist being able to stream the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off in HD while on the train?

Be prepared for an advertising onslaught, but before the catchy tunes and the irresistible promises, let's hear it from the you, the readers: do you plan on upgrading to 4G anytime soon? Whether you've already made the move, you're sitting on the fence, or you're still struggling to get a reliable 2G signal, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Im on three, so i dont need to upgrade apart from handset. I dont like the data caps that are in place with 4g. One sneeze and your at your limit. Faster content is good but when your only allowed a small portion per month its silly.
Upgrade? No, not any time soon.

My needs are such that I don't need the speed, I live where coverage is basically (currently) non-existent, and where proposed prices and (almost all) data allowances grossly uncompetititve with 3G.

So, no. It offers me nothing I need, not much I even really want, and absolutely nothing I'm prepared to pay anything resembling current tariffs for.

At some point in the future, if they get real about the packages and especially data limits, then maybe. But now? No.

And, of course, YMMV.
As it stands now, no, I can't see myself moving to a 4G tariff for a while. The speeds offered are great but with the city only coverage and a premium price for the privilege it makes no sense to me. I feel prices will start to become more competitive once O2, Voda and 3 roll out there 4G services and coverage over the next 12 months will start to improve, so say in a years time I might consider the move.
Not a chance. Rather see the money spent on improving the existing network coverage issues rather than providing people with such restricted data packages that make the whole concept of 4G useless.
No. My aim right now is to cut the cost of my mobile, not increase it. 3 have some tempting offers, for sure, but their PAYG looks more enticing right now.