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Antec Lanboy Air: up close and personal

by Parm Mann on 2 June 2010, 14:12

Tags: LanBoy Air, Antec

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Something for 2011?

Antec rarely turns up at Computex without a prototype or two, but unfortunately we're not allowed to talk about this year's showing. We did manage to capture a sneak peak, however:

Stay tuned for more on this one in the coming months. And no, it isn't the Lanboy Air 2.

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I still think I'd like it more if they switched the yellow for black or gray. But as a concept it's really nice, I love the idea of a fully configurable, modular case.

Maybe they should go further and create a system of interchangable frames with standard, modular components so you could build whatever case you like to suit your needs… Want and HTPC/LAN rig? Bung a couple of small frames together. A desktop? Add a couple more. Need more space for dozens of drives? Whack some more frames on top…
Why not go the full monty and make a lego case. As in you build up the components in blocks and you can shape them into dinosaurs or battleships! The mobo can be housed in the base or something…
I wonder about the weight as despite the open case design (should mean less metal), it doesn't look very light either. Still, I have to say that Antec seem to be the most innovative case makers since CM (AFAIK) brought the idea of aluminium cases way back in the day.
Looks like some Antec designer loved their Meccano when they were younger…
it's an intriguing idea certainly and I prefer the blue to the yellow … only time will tell as to how much customising you can do, all the pictures i've seen have been of it assembled in the same configuration…