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  • Review: rock Pegasus 650 Dungeons And Dragons Online Laptop

    30 June 2006, 13:17

    The rockdirect Pegasus 650 Dungeons and Dragons: Online model, then, is a distinctive model that's compromised by componentry that doesn't make the grade in mid-2006. Good but not great.

  • Review: rock Pegasus 330 thin-and-light laptop

    4 June 2006, 08:14

    the rock Pegasus 330 appears to have all the performance trimmings coupled to a decent price, but should it be on your shortlist of thin-and-light Intel Centrino Duo based notebooks?

  • Review: rockdirect Xtreme SLI Laptop

    9 March 2006, 13:47

    The Xtreme SL is simply a statement of the amount of graphical power available at the very top-end of the desktop-replacement market. Loud? A little. Huge? Yes. Fast? Oh, yes. ...

  • Review: Rockdirect Xtreme 64 4800+ DTR

    30 December 2005, 09:34

    Rockdirect's latest effort finally brings dual-core CPUs to its laptop line, albeit one that's not hot on the mobility stakes. The Xtreme 64 4800+ is based on the large Clevo ...

  • Review: Rockdirect Pegasus 650 laptop

    12 September 2005, 00:00

    Rockdirect, then, has most of the bases covered with its Pegasus 650 model. It's fast, quiet, reasonably portable, and, subjectively-speaking, looks good, as well. The review model, priced at £1199+VAT, ...

  • Review: Rockdirect XTI 3.8 Performance Review

    8 August 2005, 00:00

    Users looking for ultimate notebook performance should seriously consider Rockdirect's XTI series. Taking into account overall performance, the XTI 3.8 is the fastest notebook we've tested thus far.

  • Review: Rock Xtreme Ti 3.6 Laptop

    23 June 2005, 00:00

    There's no doubt that the Rock Xtreme Ti is a fast, fast gaming laptop. However, Rock really needs to look at the engineering and component choice of, say, Dell's Inspiron ...

  • Review: Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2 Laptop

    17 June 2005, 00:00

    The chosen combination of Pentium M 770 and GeForce 6800 Go Ultra 256MB make for, without doubt, the fastest gaming laptop ever to grace HEXUS Labs, and I keep repeating ...

  • Review: MV Cubik GamePro SFF PC

    4 May 2005, 00:00

    MV\'s component choice and reasonable asking price makes the GamePro an attractive proposition for the consumer that wants both substance and style in one beautiful package. Just add in a ...

  • Review: Rock Quaddra 64 3.7 Laptop

    21 December 2004, 00:00

    All in all, Rock's Quaddra 64 3.7 is a tasty desktop-replacement laptop that oozes power. An AMD Athlon 64 3700+ makes short work of 2D tasks and a 128MB Mobility ...

  • Review: MV Ixius 3.6 Laptop and NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Go 256MB

    8 November 2004, 00:00

    Bottom line is that desktop-replacement laptops have just moved up another gear, so if you can justify spending £1750 and want a do-it-all laptop, MV\'s Ixius 3.6 is a good ...

  • Review: Rock Xtreme XTR-3.2 Laptop

    29 May 2004, 00:00

    If Rock can position this exact specification at, say, £1499 including VAT and delivery we'd be more inclined to look upon it favourably. For £1800+ we'd really be looking at ...