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Review: Rockdirect Xtreme 64 4800+ DTR

by Tarinder Sandhu on 30 December 2005, 09:34

Tags: rock, Stone Group

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Rockdirect Xtreme 64 4800+

We've taken a look at a number of desktop-replacement laptops (DTRs) in the last year or so. Characterised by larger-than-normal chassis that held 17-inch wide-aspect displays and a plethora of high-quality components, we surmised that DTRs had effectively blurred the performance gap that existed between desktops and laptops, justifying their DTR acroynm. However, all DTRs that had been through HEXUS Labs. had a singular failing, that is, the lack of dual-core CPU support, which, most commentators agree, is the architecture that will be prevalent in the coming years.

Rockdirect has a long history of churning out a wide range of laptops, ranging from thin-and-light beauties to high-performance, heavyweight laptops. Its Rock XTI 3.8 harnessed, for example, some of the tastiest componentry of the day, all housed in a Clevo D900T chassis that a number of other S.I.s opted for with their pure performance models.

The last six months has given Rock the time to engineer an even faster laptop, replete with a dual-core AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ processor and twin 100GB 7,200RPM hard drives. Sounds like just the thing for you? Read on to see if it's as good as it appears to be on paper.