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  • Review: SiS655FX dual-channel P4 chipset

    9 October 2003, 00:00

    We'll wait on retail examples' performance before passing judgment, but it does appear that there's another viable proposition for users demanding dual-channel power from Intel's latest CPUs. It's just a ...

  • Review: MSI MegaPC

    24 June 2003, 00:00

    The mini PC market is getting very crowded; potential buyers have plenty of choice at the moment. MSI have exactly the right approach and have created something different with unique ...

  • Review: MSI 655 MAX

    9 March 2003, 00:00

    MSI are the first motherboard manufacturer we have seen to utilise the new SIS 655 Chipset. This chipset is set to give Intel’s Granite Bay a run for its money ...

  • Review: SiS Xabre 600

    26 November 2002, 00:00

    As long as the issue I happened upon with drivers and the price point is hit the Xabre 600 will be worthy opposition for the likes of Nvidia MX440 and ...

  • Review: SiS648/963 Chipset

    6 August 2002, 00:00

    Stability was excellent throughout the gamut of benchmarks and general testing. The 13 hours of full load, at strict memory timings, helped assuage fears of SiS engineers being too bold ...

  • Review: SiS Xabre 400

    3 June 2002, 00:00

    A little while ago HEXUS met with representatives from SiS (Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation), one of the top semi-conductor manufacturers in the world. Being your typical Taiwanese semi-conductor giant, they ...