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Review: SiS Xabre 600

by David Ross on 26 November 2002, 00:00

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The Budget Performance Graphics Card sector is probably the most contested area, a company can release as many Radeon 9700 Pros or Geforce 4 TI4600’s as it wants. But for the large proportion of users these cards are beyond the mainstream market. The Budget Performance card is a difficult one to describe, it is a card with a high price/performance rating, it will be able to run today's games and make them playable but not at the resolutions or frame rates the top end cards will Of course with such a massive customer base everyone wants a bite of the pie.

That is why when SiS released the Xabre as a budget card they took on a massive challenge to compete with already established brands in this market. The Xabre 400 reviewed in June by Ryszard was an excellent start for a very new company in the sector. It was commended for its price/performance especially and image quality. Now move forward 5 months and SiS has released the newest version of the Xabre the 600.

It is still aimed at the same competition as when initially released although we have to remember the competition has moved on. The Nvidia GF4 MX440 is still there although ATI have moved on and their budget card is the Radeon 9000, both are established names and very tough competitors.