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GiffGaff UK doubles data on £10, £12 and £15 goodybags

by Mark Tyson on 15 August 2019, 12:11

Tags: O2/Telefonica (NYSE:TEF)

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UK MVNO GiffGaff recently doubled up the data on its £20 goodybag to 40GB. As a refresher, this mobile network, which piggybacks on O2, allows people to buy various sized goodybags as and when they feel the need. Goodybags provide a chunk of data/minutes/texts and last one month - but between them you can use deposited credit like a with a traditional regular PAYG SIM plan (which is pretty competitive for international calling).

Yesterday GiffGaff updated some of its most popular goodybags with double the data. From now it means that if you buy the £10 goodybag you will get 6GB data allowance, plus unlimited minutes and texts. A £12 goodybag delivers 10GB, and £15 nets you 15GB - all with unlimited minutes and texts of course. Adding some complication to the mix, after you have bought 3 goodybags via your account you will get a automatic 1GB bonus on all these goodybags.

As a GiffGaff user - I use it in my dual-SIM smartphone alongside a monthly contract SIM - I had been thinking that GiffGaff's goodybags had started to lose their appeal. New entrants like VOXI and Smarty, as well as more competitive offers from other players made goodybags seem a bit expensive in recent months. Now I think it has just done enough to stay relevant and not get thrown out of my second SIM slot. Of course it also helps, for coverage, if your other SIM isn't from an MVNO using the O2 network (or directly from O2).

Looking at GiffGaff's new pricing matrix for goodybags it seems that the lowest £6 needs a bit of a boost. This purchase will only furnish you with 500MB data, 300 mins and 500 texts but might be enough for a quiet month when you mostly have access to home Wi-Fi.

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Still not good enough to switch from three's 12GB at 13£ a month ive had for years now
SIM only is probably going to see a bit of a boom as we're in the transition between 4G and 5G phones. People running out of contract are probably going to switch to SIM only whilst 5G phones mature but, at the same time, they want to encourage people to use more data as then they'll be able to put them onto the faster or higher limit 5G plans. I've just moved onto Vodafone's top SIM only data plan and my analysis after the fact showed this was the marketing which played into my motivation / situation. I turn my phone into a hotspot and expect full HD streaming for potentially two users to work through it so I'd say I'm an edge case…. Even so, it's cheaper than what I was paying before and my phone is decent enough. Once decent 5G phones which aren't the size of a house (suspect physics may be an issue here but I'd like to be proven wrong) come out I'll happily upgrade but for now there is nothing at all in new phones to make me feel I NEED to upgrade. The tech has become stagnant and 5G is the only even slightly revolutionary tech out coming up.

I expect the battle for SIM only contracts to hot up on 4G connections.
I'm on a SIM only with Virgin Mobile (piggybacking EE) getting 65GB for £16 a month. 5000 minutes and unlimited texts also included.
12 month contract, granted, but it makes these look like much worse value.
The cheapest plan was £5 till a couple of months ago (it went up a month after I joined, which was frustrating)
I'm on a SIM only with Virgin Mobile (piggybacking EE) getting 65GB for £16 a month. 5000 minutes and unlimited texts also included.
12 month contract, granted, but it makes these look like much worse value.
I wonder how far in the 65GB you can get (before throttling) and at what speeds, seeing EE has different speed plans lol