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Review: Rabbids Go Home - Wii

by Steven Williamson on 9 November 2009, 11:37

Tags: Rabbids Go Home, DS, Wii, Action/Adventure

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Gameplay Impressions

Gameplay Impressions
Though the premise of Rabbids Go Home bears some similarty to the Katamari series, you could never accuse Ubisoft of being unoriginal. The humour, crazy animations and the surreal scenarios that you find yourself thrust into make this fourth game in the series one of the most unique titles that we’ve played in recent memory and by far the best Raving Rabbids game to date. Where else would we be able to scream at wheel-chair bound OAPs and strip them off their clothes? Rabbids Go Home has won us over with its humour alone, but also some great animation and audio help immensely to create the light-hearted atmosphere and unique blend of slap-stick comedy and frenetic gameplay.

The simple control scheme, which really only involves steering the shopping trolley and using two attack methods, is intuitive if a little simple, but it works well so that you can move the rabbids around the cluttered environments smoothly and effortlessly. Camera angles can frustrate and there’s some repetition in the type of enemies that you face, in addition to some regurgitated level design, but largely the 15 environments, the introduction of upgrades, entertaining cut-scenes and humourous animations ensures that there's plenty to keep your mind occupied and enough entertainment to make you forget about most of the negatives.

Being confined to the supermarket trolley throughout the game does make gameplay feel a little repetitive at times, and we can't say that we've really been challenged throughout the game, apart from the latter levels. It would have been nice to get out of the trolley and be explore a little more. However, the simplicity of the gameplay, which generally involves you having to do little more than follow a set path and ensure you navigate well, avoiding obstacles along the way while press the attack button at the right time to tackle enemies, means that younger gamers with less gaming experience will probably get much more out of Rabbids Go Home than the more seasoned crowd.

Nevertheless, Rabbids Go Home is an entertaining game, there's no question about it. While it's certainly true that the slap-stick humour plays a vital part in the enjoyment of the game, the smooth,simplistic mechanics and fast-paced gameplay, make it an entertaining and accessible ride. Love them or hate them, the Rabbids are here to stay and Rabbids Go Home is undoubtedly the highlight of their career so far.

Final Score - 8/10

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