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Review: Darksiders - PS3

by Steven Williamson on 8 March 2010, 10:04

Tags: THQ (NASDAQ:THQI), PS3, Action/Adventure

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The following review was submitted by Disturbedguy, one of our regular contributors at HEXUS.gaming. The opinions expressed in this review are his own and not necessarily the views of the HEXUS team.

Darksiders is like many games on the market at present, the most recent of which is Dante's Inferno. It’s your typical hack and slash type of game, with upgrades obtained along the way as you improve your weapon skill. You play as War, one of the legendary horsemen who answers the call to go to Earth and wage war, only to be betrayed and end the human race as we know it.

You go through the game, receiving missions from certain characters, which upon completing you get rewards, whether it be a new power or weapon. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed this game and think there is yet more to come. Here is a breakdown of playing time so far: -

Total Game Time: 10:06:34
Combat Time: 02:39:19

As you can see a lot of the time within this game has been spent travelling between areas to complete missions, it may look as though that is a lot of wasted time, but along the way there are fights to be had, chests and artefacts to find, the latter two bringing rewards. The boss fights seem to vary between incredibly easy to rather hard, no boss is beaten using the usual hack and slash method, with each boss there are certain ways of stunning the boss allowing you to inflict massive amounts of damage.

The graphics are simply some of the best I have on a PS3 game and the amount of detail that has been put into each area you visit is simply amazing and jaw dropping.

As a comparison, Dantes Inferno was completed in around 8 hours, so there is plenty more game time in Darksiders compared to what I believ

e to be its main rival, Dantes Inferno. The game can become a bit easy when you unlock chaos form and although there are a variety of attacks, I find myself using the same attack combo's over and over again, which can become a little boring. The travel can become somewhat boring at the beginning of the game, eventually you will find merchants known as Vulgrims that allow you to buy upgrades, health, weapon upgrades and other bits for War as well as allow you access to a fast travel system or as you unlock later on, you get your horse named Ruin which helps you travel faster but also adds a little extra punch to your attacks.

SCORE: 8/ 10

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It's interesting!
why does my ps3 go all skits like all jumpy when playing cod2 online ? the syestm is only about 4wks old
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Review mirrors most of my feelings on the game, although I did play it on the 360 instead. I was sold on it due to comparisons with Zelda, and that usually is enough. Essentially, there is a large overworld game mechanic along with a dungeon one. Graphically, I like the art style, and the combat was boombastic enough to be pleasing. Disturbedguy is right about the combat getting a bit repetitive, but you are able to purchase additional moves for each weapon you obtain.

The dungeon crawlling and puzzles arent ever of the “Water Temple in Ocarina of Time” level, but thats not a terrible thing either. From start to finish, its a nice play, never really drags, and is always great to look at. Seeing as its been out a while now, its probably available second hand now, so becomes even more of a bargain.

If you are a fan of Zelda/Fable then this is an decent enough game to play to remind you of some of the good things that you might have experienced in those series. Pick it up - you wont be disappointed!