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Fable III ditches Kinect play

by Steven Williamson on 5 August 2010, 12:26

Tags: Fable III (XBOX 360), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Xbox 360

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Long term Kinect supporter, Peter Molyneux, has delivered a blow to the Microsoft’s chances of engaging the hardcore Xbox 360 crowd by deciding not to use the technology in the upcoming RPG Fable III.

Fable III was announced in 2009 and Molyneux has been keen to stress throughout its development cycle that it would utilise the motion-sensing periperhal. Speaking to the Engadget Show, however, he’s confirmed that plans to include it in the game have been axed simply because the ideas that they had didn’t quite work.

Joystiq spoke to Molyneux after the show and he told them he hadn’t ruled out DLC that features Kinect play at some point in the future.

Nevertheless, it's looking like, at least for this side of Christmas, Kinect will be aimed totally at the casual crowd for the time being.

"In this stage in the [Xbox 360] lifecycle, Kinect represents the way in which we are reaching out and connecting with younger, older, female and more family-orientated audiences," European VP of interactive entertainment business for Xbox Chris Lewis recently told MCV.

"That's not to say we are forgetting the core," he said. "From out point of view, we remain committed to that audience in terms of bringing full-blown, blockbuster games to that space: Halo, Gears of War, Fable and so on."

Sounds like even Lewis didn’t know Molyneux’s plans.

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Yay for inaccurate reporting summaries

Ditched for launch but not ditched entirely, the summary is quite misleading :)
Yeah but it was kind of obvious that they weren't going with Kinect for F3 as it's also coming out on PC format, which Kinect doesn't support. Looks like they just want a wider market which is fair enough…:geek:
:O Peter molenquazdasdaehhssjjdklasdx in Sensible decision shocker :O

Peter Molyneux has always been one of my favourite game creators because of the amount of passion he has for what he does. At times he has over stretched and I couldnt help feeling the kinnect stuff he was trying to add whilst sounded cool would be a bit much so its good they have pulled back on it for now :)
Maybe it's too many late night Crackdown2 sessions, but I thought that Kinect+FableIII sounded kind of cool. I liked the idea of perhaps being able to cast spells by doing certain arm/hand gestures*, and I guess the same goes for shooting (although I'd have some concerns that the Kinect's precision would be good enough for the shot to be accurate enough). :woowoo:

(* no crude jokes at my expense please, I was thinking of the kind of things they were showing in the trailer for the film The Sorcerer's Apprentice).
Kinect and Sony's move are just a new eye toy. Mybe a bit echanced version!