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IBC 2005 :: Microsoft targets content-delivery to mobiles, PCs, Xbox 360 and Portable Media Centers

by Bob Crabtree on 11 September 2005, 00:00

Tags: Xbox 360, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Xbox 360

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IDF 2005Five years after introducing Europe to its “What TV Can Be” concept at IBC 2000, Microsoft – seemingly with a different set of partners - this year demonstrated ways of delivering content to Xbox 360, Portable Media Centers, mobile phones and TV sets, as well as to PCs.

Microsoft’s IPTV technology is claimed to offer PC users an “enhanced full television experience” that includes video-on-demand. The company is pairing with Nagravision to offer secure reception of digital pay-TV programs on PCs running Windows XP Media Center Edition OS and also on Xbox 360 and Portable Media Centers. See this press release.

Again in contrast with IBC 2000, much of Microsoft’s emphasis at this year’s show was on supplying broadcasting infra-structure to TV stations that would allow them to deliver programmes over the internet, and control scheduling, the management of digital “assets” and non-linear production.

IPTV, though, is still in the melting pot and Microsoft’s success in setting standards and supplying solutions to TV stations is far from certain – even if it is likely to supply the operating systems that many IPTV viewers will run on their PCs.

Among the strongest of contenders is News Corporation subsidiary NDS - a leading supplier of secure digital pay-TV solutions. Watch our front page for more on NDS, whose president Dr Abe Peled is clearly in fighting mood at the show.

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