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Monster Hunter Tri dated for Europe - Wii-Speak confirmed

by Steven Williamson on 1 February 2010, 12:51

Tags: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Monster Hunter Tri, Capcom (TYO:9697), Wii, Action/Adventure

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Wii owners will get to taste the game that has become a phenomenon in Japan, when Monster Hunter Tri lands in Europe in April 2010.

The franchise, which has inspired an entire sub-culture in Japan, will offer some offer some brand new features for the Wii version, including new monsters and new environments, including underwater levels and marine-based monsters. There is also the introduction of new weapons such as the powerful Switch Axe.

Monster Hunter Tri features an open-ended, quest-based storyline with multiple routes to progression. You assume the role of an up-and-coming hunter in a land where humans and monsters co-exist. At the beginning of the game certain features of your hunter are customisable such as hair and clothing, and as you progress through the game you will be able to change armour and weapons, using items collected from slain monsters by carving off horns, scales fur, hide and bones.

To achieve glory, you must accomplish various quests to collect items and supplies. These are vital to maintaining your village and to support your community which is in danger of destruction. Successfully completing each quest will also see you rewarded with items that can be used to improve your equipment and take on tougher challenges – many of which will see you interact with the majestic creatures that share your world.

Two player, split screen co-operative mode lets you enter the arena to take on a series of monsters with fellow hunters. Alternatively, team up with your friends using online multiplayer and take part in battles with some enormous monsters.

And thanks to the game’s use of Wii Speak, hunters will be able to share their knowledge of monsters’ weaknesses, discuss hunting strategy in real time, and even cry for help when needed or celebrate after a victorious battle.

The developer, Capcom, claims to have created an entire living and breathing ecosystem, where monsters interact authentically and naturally with each other, their environment – and you. Every monster in the game behaves uniquely, based on meticulous research of real world creatures. Like real creatures, their stamina will lessen if they fight. If their strength is depleted, their movements will become slower and they will need to begin to prowl to find food for energy. Packs of smaller monsters will attack larger monsters and are part of a food-chain system where the strong feed on the weak – and you have the privilege of witnessing it first hand or joining in.

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