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Lord Of The Rings RPG in development

by Steven Williamson on 10 January 2006, 12:43

Tags: RPG

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It appears that Electronic Arts are currently planning an RPG as part of the Lord Of The Rings franchise.

The appeal of The Lord of the Rings is seen in its longevity and delight it brings to different generations since its writing, in more recent years we've seen the Blockbuster movies of the adventure brought to a big screen audience, whilst EA have produced some fine games to tie in with the films.

In an interview with 3D Realms Jim Norwood of EA said "I'm currently working on Lord of the Rings: The White Council at EA as a software engineer. It's a new RPG game. That's all public information, so feel free to look it up on the internet or EA's website."

We know from Tolkein's books that the 'good wizard', Gandalf the Gray, who enjoys roaming the vast plains of Middle Earth to assess the power of Sauron, is part of the White Council which is headed by Saruman the White. In the first movie Saruman assumes the role of the bad guy, Saruman in his efforts to gain the power necessary to disrupt Sauron’s plans, uses a strange device which, while intended to keep tabs on Sauron, ends up being used by Sauron to corrupt Saruman. It's a tangled web of power and corruption that points to the fact that the new RPG may have a very dark and evil side to it.

It's purely speculation as to the story of the new RPG. All we can be sure of is that EA have hit the nail right on the head in bringing an RPG to fans of the succesful franchise.

EA have not revealed any official details of the game.

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