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Atari Test Drive Unlimited Readers Race Day – UPDATE!

by Nick Haywood on 23 June 2006, 09:55

Tags: Test Drive Unlimited, Atari (EPA:ATA), PC, Xbox 360, GameCube, PS2, Racing

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Final details - Sign up now!

Regular readers of HEXUS.gaming will be aware of the Test Drive Unlimited Race Day which we’ve been setting up

We can now bring you definite details of the event, so if you want to get a session on Test Drive Unlimited at Atari’s Hammersmith HQ, read on!

Due to the simply massive response with well over 200 people clamouring for a place, we were looking at having to disappoint a lot of people. In view of this, Atari have very generously doubled the number of available spaces, so as to give as many people as possible a chance to have a drive!

The Test Drive Unlimited Readers Race Day will now run all week from Monday 10th July through to Friday 14th July. There will be two sessions each day, 10am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 5.30pm.

Now there are a couple of conditions for those who want to attend. First, you MUST be 16 or over as there just isn’t going to be room for parents or guardians to come along too and we can’t legally have unaccompanied minors in the building. Second, you MUST be resident in the UK.

All you need to now is send an e-mail to the address below with these details:

Contact Phone:
Preferred time: morning/afternoon
Preferred day:
Second choice day:

You must fill in all the details, any incomplete mails will be discarded!

Send your completed e-mail to atari_hexus@hexus.net with the subject header “Test Drive Unlimited Race Day”.

You will then be contacted shortly before the event with which slot you have been allocated and directions of how to get to Atari’s HQ.

Please note, any costs for the day are down to you, so don’t embarrass yourself by asking for your train fare, mmkay?

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sent my email :D
Me and my mates are gonna pick which day quickly before we all reply, as we obviously all wanna go at the same time. Thanks for the opportunity man :D
oh crap I sent an email from 2 different addresses, could you delete the one from wayne_gar@hotmail.com please? I don't want to be rejected because of my mistake :(. I replied to the email you sent so its fine to delete :D
NOOOO!!!!! i'm 15 and my bday is on the 25th July….NOOOO!!! again.. any chance? (i sent a mail anyway ;))

EDIT: ah crap.. if it's a legal deal..
So who can I expect to see up there on Tuesday then? :D