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Nintendo Switch 2021 model update to leverage DLSS

by Mark Tyson on 24 March 2021, 11:11

Tags: Nintendo (TYO:7974), NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA)

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Reports continue to provide more details about an upgrade to Nintendo's popular Switch hybrid games console. The last time HEXUS reported upon these console upgrade rumours was last August, when a report published by Bloomberg cited 'people briefed on the strategy', providing some information about a refreshed Switch designed to be a perfect partner to the proliferating 4K TVs in homes.

Bloomberg has again heard from its insider sources familiar with Nintendo's plans and naturally, several months down the line, has more juicy details for us this time around. It is particularly interesting to note that the upcoming revamped Switch is being prepared in time for Christmas this year, so there isn't a long time to wait for this upgrade to arrive. Other tasty info morsels are that the console will feature an enhanced Nvidia processor which can leverage DLSS technology on 4K TVs, and on the handheld side of the equation folk may well appreciate a new OLED screen.

Morningstar Research Analyst Kazunori Ito told Bloomberg that these leaks show Nintendo is learning from its mistakes and cited the example of "when its hit Wii lost momentum so quickly because the console wasn’t compatible with high-definition resolution." No one likes fuzzy graphics…

The scale of upgrades tipped to come to the next gen Switch are enough to warrant a bullet point list:

  • Better faster CPU
  • New improved GPU
  • Increased / faster memory quota
  • 4K TV output accelerated by Nvidia DLSS
  • 7-inch Samsung OLED display on the handheld side

Nintendo seems to have wound down first party title releases in recent months and this is said to be due to it basically saving up titles to go with the revamped Switch release ahead of the holiday season.

Unfortunately all the upgrades listed above aren't going to be free, this isn't a console from the Raspberry Pi org. Analysts expect a price hike with the 4K Switch. The current model has an MSRP of $299, and that is expected to get hiked to $349 or even $399 for the 4K revamp. Much of that extra outlay may be going on the new Nvidia SoC and Samsung OLED display, console makers have a keen interest in keeping their hardware affordable.

Are any HEXUS readers going to be interested in acquiring a Switch 4K, or whatever it might be called, when it is released?

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That means the new gen tegra will have Tensor cores, that's actually pretty neat. DLSS on the switch actually makes a ton of sense to me so the switch when docked can do an effective upscale.
I might finally consider an upgrade from the Gamecube (which is still ace!)
Will it still come with joycons that stop working after 3 months of casual use?
I got a switch pretty early to play Zelda/Mario but ultimately its just ended up sat there. The games are just too expensive. I won't be upgrading.
Unfortunately all the upgrades listed above aren't going to be free. The games are just too expensive and I won't be upgrading too!