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Videogame obsession hits new level as man marries his true love

by Steven Williamson on 30 November 2009, 10:11

Tags: Nintendo (TYO:7974), DS

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A Japanese man going by the name Sal9000 has taken videogame obsession to a new level by marrying a character from one of his favourite games.

Sal has been enjoying, in ways we can only dare imagine, a virtual relationship with Nene Anegasaki (pictured below) from Nintendo DS game, Love Plus and made the decision to declare his love for the youthful-looking, dark-haired beauty in a public ceremony at the Tokyo Institute of Technology that was watched over the internet and was actually blessed by a real priest.

It really does bring a tear to the eye.

I wonder if Jessica Rabbit has a boyfriend?

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:laugh:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some people seriously just need putting down for the sake of mankind.
Well presumably this isn't an inheritable trait ;)
i bet their kids would be messed up . . .
i bet their kids would be messed up . . .

like this?

(how would you “do it” anyway? :laugh:)