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DSi selling faster than DS and DS Lite

by Steven Williamson on 24 March 2009, 16:28

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The third iteration of the Nintendo DS handheld, the DSi, is flying off shelves in Japan at a rate faster than its predecessors.

Launched on November 1, 2008 in Japan, the DSi has sold 700,000 units since January bringing the total sold to approximately 2 million, claims Japanese magazine, Famitsu.

The Nintendo DS reached a mind-bogglingly impressive milestone this month, with worldwide hardware sales figures reaching the 100 million mark.

That figure is about to grow with the launch of the DSi in the UK on April 3rd and April 5th in North America. The handheld's new features include two cameras, a bigger screen, a DS-specific download service, an SD card slot, and music playback functions.

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I've got mine preordered :) I've already got the DS lite, but I've just got to have this one too.
i'd rather just choo choo choose the normal DS tbh, who wants music and an SD slot anyway?
lol :p probably not me but I'm a sucker for these things.
I've got one preordered.
I bought both an original DS and a DS Lite within a month of their releases, but I just don't care about the DSi. Probably has something to do with having not touched my DS once it got to the point that they just seemed to be churning out brain training titles, clones of, and other stuff I don't care about.

Really don't see the point of using a handheld console as a music player either - I need that battery life for, you know, games.