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Zebedee and pals bounce onto Wii and DS

by Steven Williamson on 12 August 2008, 11:31

Tags: The Magic Roundabout, Koch Media, Deep Silver, PC, DS, Wii, Action/Adventure

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Deep Silver, the games label of Koch Media, has confirmed that it is currently working on a game based on the the popular children's TV series "The Magic Roundabout" for Nintendo DS, Wii and PC.

All the well-known characters of the series will appear in a typical, humorous story created especially for the game: the magician Zebedee, the shaggy dog Dougal, Florence the adorable girl, Ermintrude, the pink cow with red spots, and many more. On Friendship Day, Zebedee promises Dougal a valuable gift if he is able to help everyone in the village.

The world of the “The Magic Roundabout” will consist of a number mini-games and bonus missions. The game makes creative use of the different platforms' unique controls: for example, players control the flight of a paper plane by blowing into the microphone of the Nintendo DS, or uncover hidden objects by "shaking" the mouse cursor on the PC, or the Wii Remote in the Wii version.

"Over the years, the series has developed into a real classic of children's television, and thanks to a new release and a feature movie, it is still popular with people of all ages," says Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media. "With its charm and diversity, the game does justice to the popular series on which it is based on every platform."

“The Magic Roundabout”
will be released for Nintendo DS, Wii and PC in the fourth quarter of 2008.