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Square Enix's latest Hitman game is for mobiles and tablets only

by Mark Tyson on 14 February 2014, 11:45

Tags: Square Enix (TYO:9684)

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The Hitman series of games will get its first mobile/tablet outing in the shape of 'Hitman GO' shortly. This will be a very different proposition to the previous games on PC and consoles as it offers a turn-based grid playing system, however it utilises the familiar Hitman tools to get gruesome gaming tasks done.

Square Enix Montreal is behind the new mobile game and Eurogamer notes that it is a completely different project than the main Hitman game also in the works at IO Interactive. Of course, as you know from the intro paragrph, it will play in a very different way but retain the essence of Hitman. The developers hope gamers will enjoy the fruits of their "total creative freedom," and the "totally unexpected," different style of gameplay that emerged.

The game is described in the announcement piece as follows: "Hitman GO is a turn-based strategy game with beautifully rendered diorama-style set pieces. You will strategically navigate fixed spaces on a grid to avoid enemies and take out your target or infiltrate well-guarded locations. You really have to think about each move and all the Hitman tools of the trade you would expect are included; disguises, distractions, sniper rifles and even 47’s iconic Silverballers."

We are told that Hitman GO is almost ready for launch and that further updates will be coming shortly upon the Hitman blog. Square Enix also teases that "something else… that fits perfectly within the Hitman fantasy" will be revealed soon.

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No surprise, SE have been moving more and more into the mobile market.

I guess it's the best way for them to re-release the same games repeatedly.
Queue the remake Final Fantasy VII comments…