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HDTV DVD movie upgrade for Playstation 2

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Press release

Following the announcements that Microsoft intends to launch an external HD DVD player for XBOX 360 and that Playstation 3 will incorporate a Blu-ray player to support next generation movie formats; It has been confirmed that Xploder will launch the HDTV Movie Player to allow millions of Playstation 2 owners to upgrade their PS2 consoles, so that they can play their favourite DVDs in Enhanced Definition mode on their HDTV sets.

If like many others, you’ve bought a HDTV but you’re waiting for the outcome of the next generation DVD format war before investing in a new DVD player, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can UPGRADE NOW and get enhanced crystal-clear picture quality from your existing movie collection by simply hooking up a Playstation 2 console to your HDTV set.

The Xploder HDTV Movie Player is all you need to maximise your existing equipment by providing all you need to connect the PS2 to your HDTV.

Available for both PAL and NTSC PS2 consoles, the Xploder HDTV Player allows you to:

Play DVD movies in Enhanced Definition (ED) TV 480p mode; a higher resolution for improved image quality.

Driven by proprietary Xploder software, you simply put the disc in the PS2 console and use the simple on-screen interface to select the optimum configuration for your system (HD, ED or VGA modes) from the options menu. The details are automatically saved to your memory card, so there’s no need to reconfigure the settings every time you use your console.

The supplied high-quality RGB component cable connects the PS2 directly in your HDTV to ensure superior image quality.

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