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From the Middle Ages to the 21st Century on Wii

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Press release

This week Nintendo's Virtual Console will blast you to the moon and back as players get the opportunity to play iconic space shooter, Galaga. Galaga, one of the most popular classical arcade space shooting games of all time, was originally released in 1981 and became an instant hit! Players control a spaceship and battle wave after wave of insect-like aliens swarming ahead of your ship. Different coloured aliens carry different points and players can only progress to the next level by exterminating the entire swarm! This collector’s classic can be played with 1 or 2 players, and available for just 500 Wii points to bring a true arcade experience into your living room!

Also launched on download today is Super Ghouls and Ghosts. Launched on the Super Nintendo in 1992, the game takes players on an enthralling journey as Knight Arthur, who is on a desperate quest to rescue his girlfriend Princess Prin Prin from the Ghoul realm! Sticking with tradition, players must fight their way through hordes of undead to reach their goal before going toe to toe with the ultimate evil. Super Ghouls and Ghosts™ is available now for 800 Wii points.

Finally this week, sharing the medieval theme is Double Dungeons! Originally released on Turbografx in 1990, Double Dungeons invites 1 or 2 players to simultaneously explore their way through a staggering 22 dungeons. When played with 2 players the screen is split in half so that each player can navigate on their own side of the screen killing enemies and earning gold and experience as they go on. The gold can be used to rest at inns and buy food, whilst experience points raise the player’s level making them stronger. For good, old-fashioned fun, Double Dungeons™ is available on Wii for just 600 Wii points!

These great games join the list of 59 classic titles already available for the Virtual Console in Europe.

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