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Medieval II: Total War goes gold

Tags: Medieval 2 Total War, Sega (TYO:6460), Strategy

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SEGA today announced that the highly anticipated PC Real Time Strategy game Medieval II: Total War has gone gold and will release across Europe on November 10th and in North America on November 14th 2006. Developed by the acclaimed RTS studio The Creative Assembly, this visually stunning game spans the turbulent period of 1080 – 1530 and hands PC gamers the reigns in an attempt to become the greatest power of the Medieval World.

Medieval II: Total War is the latest game in the multi-award winning Total War series and is the follow up to the 2005 Strategy Game Of The Year, Rome: Total War. Medieval II: Total War has already proven a worthy successor, gaining prestigious awards from renowned PC gaming magazines PC Gamer (94%), Gamestar (91%), PC Zone (91%) and PC Powerplay (90%).

Medieval II: Total War is one of the most complete strategy experiences available and a benchmark title within PC gaming. Turn based management, stunning real time battles, over 200 units, epic religious conflict, the advent of gunpowder and the discovery of South America all combine to make Medieval II: Total War the most eagerly anticipated PC RTS of 2006.

Medieval II: Total War will be available on PC across Europe from Friday 10th November 2006.