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QOTW: what are your hopes for the next-generation Xbox?

by Parm Mann on 11 November 2011, 12:00

Tags: Xbox 360

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Speculation is rife, and if you have faith in what you read on the Internet, you may be led to believe that a third-generation Xbox games console is scheduled to be announced as soon as January.

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is said to be the stage for the grand unveiling, and depending on which source you believe, the next-generation console will be dubbed the Xbox 720, Xbox Loop or Xbox Ten.

There's no shortage of conjecture, but right now, there are few facts and that makes this an opportune moment to ask you - the folks who play the games - what are your hopes for the next-generation Xbox?

There's plenty to consider. Kinect will no doubt be integral to the third-generation system, and a growing amount of speculation hints at close ties to Windows 8 and Windows Phone, but what else would you like to see?

Are you longing for life-like graphics? Are you rooting for 3D? Do you think a Blu-ray optical drive is a must, or do you see on-demand downloads as the way forward? Heck, perhaps you're just praying there won't be a recurrence of the infamous red ring of death, or maybe you think it's too soon for a successor to the hugely-popular Xbox 360?

Whatever you think, whatever your hopes, this is the chance to voice your opinion.

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Lots of system memory would be good. Console hardware memory is always sized economically, based on the current requirements and market price, however price of memory always drops in the time the console is in development. For example, the current 360 has half a gigabyte of memory which in 2005 looked OK but now seems a little miserly in hindsight. More memory = massive levels with less storage media bashing.

Also, I'd like the new Xbox to be super quiet. My original 360 sounded like Concorde taking off and even the most recent version S is louder than my PS3. Quiet console = respectable media centre.
We seem to have all but given up on the idea, but I still want virtual reality with a cable in my neck ='(
something that gets update a bit more frequently thanonce every 8 years would be nice…and a built in hard drive
Ability to play the same games on a PC.
I am guessing BluRay (maybe some slightly proprietary MS variant of BD) and WiFi will be built-in, although the extra cost of them is slightly irritating as I cannot ever see myself using them on a console again…..

I want it quieter then my HTPC which runs a 6950 GPU!!

I want the graphics to rival my PC for the next 5 years…

I want all 360 peripherals to work on it.

I want backwards compatibility with 360 games, including the ability to enhance the gfx of older games.

In a nutshell…..I pretty much want everything that we probably won't be getting :lol: