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10 Hot PSP Accessories And Games To Buy This Xmas

by Steven Williamson on 22 December 2005, 11:20

Tags: PlayStation Portable, Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PSP

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Play PSP On The Big Screen

RaPiz PSP Video Convertor V3 £14.99

PSP Watch Your DVDs On Your PSP by using the latest - RaPiz PSP video convertor. It converts all kind of videofiles to the PSP friendy MP4 format. You can easily set the video and audio quality, video resolution, frame setup and stereo sound. With the RaPiZ PSP video convertor, you can easily take your favourite movie or TV series with you to enjoy wherever you want, whenever you want.

With an extremely simple and innovative approach RAPIZ enables you to quickly convert your DVDs or movie files (DivX, AVI, WMV, MPEG&) into a format your PSP can understand. Simply choose your movie, press start and, in a matter of minutes, you'll find your movie ready to go on your Sony PSP and, as always, in the best possible picture and audio quality.

Championship Manager £29.99

PSPThe daddy of management games come to the PSP; perfect for the manager on the move! With 55 playable leagues, interactive transfer system and 25,000 players to choose from (if you have the cash and are very persuasive!), stamp your authority on the team and mix it with the pro's!

Blaze PSP to TV Projector £49.99

PSP The Blaze PSP to TV Projector has been available in shops since December 19th. Manufactured by Fire International the gadget will beam the screen on your PSP to almost any TV, LCD, Projector or Plasma screen with AV connections. Check out our previous headline

Nyko PSP Screen Armour £7.95

PSP A detachable brushed aluminium screen protector that attaches to the face of the PSP using two locking clips. The foldable clips allow for an easy, secure fit while providing convenient storage while not in use. The Screen Armor’s design also leaves the action buttons, the d-pad and headphone jack free so you can take advantage of the PSP’s MP3 playback abilities while still protecting the screen. The rubber underside of the screen armor helps protect your PSP from scratches, dust, dirt and fingerprints as well as providing slip free protection for the PSP’s 4.3 inch display.

Sony PSP Screen Magnifier £6.99

PSPThis nifty gadget magnifies the picture on your screen by 1.6. No more squinting! PSP fans have apparently been waiting for this moment to arrive, PSP on the big screen is available now! Unsure on dimensions

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