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Nuance brings Dragon dictation to vehicles with 'Dragon Drive!'

by Alistair Lowe on 23 May 2012, 10:50

Tags: Nuance

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Let's be honest, since 1982, when the TV show Knight Rider first awoke drivers to the potential joys of having a car that both speaks and can be spoken to, no solution that has reached the market has yet to work, even for the most basic of commands. Voice-recognition systems are still often found on high-end vehicles, typically hooked up to the owner's phone via Bluetooth for hands-free functionality, however, the success rate of simple commands such as "Call Home" remains dire.

Perhaps then, this is the perfect opportunity for a firm that specialises in understanding and parsing human language to enter the automotive market with a product of their own and, this is exactly what Nuance has done with its new Dragon Drive! The new product will support six languages from launch, with more to come and, will offer drivers the ability to send/receive texts and e-mails, along with manage multimedia and navigation through voice commands and dictation.

Nuance's Dragon Dictation software is famous for its high accuracy and is even available as a free, cloud-based app, on iOS devices for those who wish to confirm the software's capabilities for themselves (and a great way for Nuance to gather more data samples!). At the very least, the firm's concept video has us looking forward to seeing this new product rolled-out into a real car, take a look.

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Is this compatible with my Google car?
Is this compatible with my Google car?

If you mean the ones that will drive themselves, you probably shouldn't be talking to it, you might distract it ;)
KITT never got distracted :)