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At long last, BBC iPlayer reaches Sky+HD set-top boxes UK-wide

by Alistair Lowe on 30 October 2012, 09:45

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Back in January, Sky made a promise, that BBC's iPlayer would eventually reach its Sky+HD internet streaming service and, today, the firm made true, its end of the deal.

Accessible from the web-based On-Demand service on a modern set-top box, Sky TV customers can now access iPlayer directly from the Sky menu with no need for an additional computer to stream the service.

BBC iPlayer for Sky+HD

With iPlayer now on-board, the service, which also includes catch-up from ITV and Channel 5 is missing only Channel 4's 4oD content from its major terrestrial line-up. However, Sky has now revealed that 4oD will be heading to Sky+HD boxes in early 2013. The firm is continuing to build relationships with other satellite channels, though is already offering content from UKTV, MTV and Discovery, beyond its own line-up.

Undeniably, Sky+HD's On-Demand is transforming into quite the package, however, whether this will have any significant impact on the market or whether it simply exists to provide value-added content to existing users is a matter for debate. Do you have Sky TV, if not, why not and, would Sky's new On-Demand services offer food for thought that may lead you to change your mind?

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This is great news as far as I'm concerned, plenty of material available to be streamed or downloaded. Using that big fat broadband pipe for content to be accessed on your tv is great!
Eh? Sky haven't allowed access to iPlayer? I thought everyone had it? PS3, XBox, Freeview, VM etc?
They had to open up Skyplayer and change some stuff to enable an agreement to be made if I remember correctly