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Humax to kick start Freesat+ in mid-November

by Parm Mann on 23 October 2008, 16:14

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If you're waiting to take advantage of Freesat, the free-to-air HD service developed by the BBC and ITV, there's a good chance you're waiting for this:

That's the previously mentioned HD-ready Freesat PVR from Humax and it was officially announced today. The device, dubbed the FOXSAT-HDR, will introduce Freesat+ and bring Sky+ like functionality to Freesat viewers. Armed with twin digital tuners and a 320GB hard-disk drive, the FOXSAT-HDR will allow viewers to store up to 80 hours of HD programming, or up to 200 hours of SD.

Despite having sold 100,000 non-PVR units in its first five months, Freesat is likely to see significant growth after the introduction of a unit that'll provide recording, rewinding and live pause functionality - all features that many viewers are now accustomed to.

FOXSAT-HDR will be available to buy in mid-November at an expected retail price of around Ā£299 - with no subscription fee and a slow roll out of Freeview HD, it could be the cheapest means of recordable high-definition TV this Christmas.

Users should, however, be aware that a satellite dish is required and installation is not included. Further details can be found at freesat.co.uk.


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300 notes :( That's what I was expecting but I was hoping against all the odds that it would be cheaper.

As an aside does anyone know if this will need two cables from the sat dish ala Sky+?
Oh, dash it all.
This is in many ways the Holy Grail of no-subscription TV, and the one i've been waiting for.
At 300 bad boys, looks like i may be waiting a little longer.
I have around £700 to spend on the entire home cinema set-up, i already have a really good upscaling DVD player, but i think i'll get a good TV with normal freeview built in, and save up more pennies for this in the future.
why not just build a realy nice HTPC?
why not just build a realy nice HTPC?
Power Usage
Boot up
Remote Control
why not just build a realy nice HTPC?

The same reason we have for all these types of gadgets… its too much effort.