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Krimston launches the world’s first simultaneous dual sim solution for iPhones

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Access two lines simultaneously, hotspot and extra power with the TWO

Campaign now live here - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/775086138/krimston-two-dual-sim-case-for-iphone

30th March 2016 - Today,  Krimston launches TWO on Kickstarter to raise funds and awareness for its solution to a costly and time-consuming, modern day problem. Ideal for iPhone owners and travellers across the globe, TWO puts an end to roaming fees, poor mobile signal and no battery. By turning the iPhone into a dual-sim capable phone, the TWO ensures that individuals can finally use just one device to accommodate a second line and eliminate the hassles associated with carrying a phone for work, a phone for travel, a phone for data and another for leisure.

What is it

Currently the world’s first case to offer two simultaneous active SIMs, hotspot and extra power via a built in battery pack, the TWO sleeve works in conjunction with its app (Krimston TWO) and alerts iPhone owners to exactly what’s happening on two sim accounts. 

Users can seamlessly make calls, message and access contacts from a primary and secondary SIM card. In addition a clever feature called ‘Smart Hotspot’, monitors the phone’s internet activity and adjusts the signal accordingly to give individuals the longest battery life possible whilst online. For days that require excessive internet usage or lots of calls, Krimston has also incorporated a handy powerbank feature that will charge an iPhone when the battery is running low.

Krimston to date

The idea came to life after Krimston’s co founder, Nabil Nasr was stung with a $2,000 bill of data roaming charges following a five day business trip. After an unsuccessful dispute with his network provider, Nasr wondered how many other fellow business travellers or ‘post happy’ social media fans were facing similar hefty fines following a trip abroad. Nasr found co founder Fouad Fattal had suffered the same problem too, so the pair started to research solutions.  With no seamless way for iPhone users to currently switch between two SIM cards and access local network tariffs, they quickly came to realise there must be hundreds of thousands of Apple phone users in need of a solution that didn’t involve them carrying multiple handsets.  This was the start of the concept of TWO. 

The last two years have seen Fattal and Nasr invest in research & development and the creation of many prototypes with the help of Silicon Valley designers, financial experts, venture capitalists, management consultants, award winning CEO’s and even a Minister of Communication. Now packaged in the shape of a simple iPhone sleeve that snaps on to the smartphone, the unobtrusive and stylish TWO’s functionality goes way beyond just being a dual-sim case. 

Kickstarter campaign

Now a BETA prototype and ready to be taken into mass production, Krimston has confidently overcome many hurdles to ensure the TWO’s software and hardware is complete, and the licensing and tooling process is firmly underway.

Already securing $400k to build a fully functioning prototype and a further $400k to assist with tooling and additional R&D (total $800,000), Krimston is using its Kickstarter campaign to gain invaluable feedback from early adopters and raise an additional $100k to help contribute towards the manufacturing costs associated with fulfilling orders that come from the campaign.  

Compatible with iPhone 6/6S phones at Kickstarter launch, there are five different ‘tickets’ available to individuals that want to support the campaign:

  • Ticket 1 – For $99, up to 175 backers can own one of the first units ever to be produced and become a field tester for Krimston. Delivered to all pioneers in July, users will provide Krimston with invaluable customer feedback.   
  • Ticket 2 – Delivered in August, the next 450 backers can pledge $159 and receive a $40 discount for their TWO (expected retail price $199 plus shipping and customs fees)
  • Ticket 3 – After the first 625 pledges, all other backers can purchase a TWO for $179. They will receive a $20 discount on the expected retail price and get the product in August, four months ahead of the market launch in November.
  • Ticket 4 – Pledging $299 ensures that those purchasing multiple Krimston TWOs save 25% ($99). With an estimated delivery date of August, this is great for individuals that need multiple TWOs for corporate accounts. 
  • Ticket 5 - For iPhone 6+ owners, a pledge of $20 can be made throughout the campaign. With an estimated delivery date of November, backers that request a Krimston TWO for their iPhone 6+ will receive a $40 discount that can be redeemed against their TWO once the product has finished being designed.

Expected spec

  • Approximate weight: 100g
  • Overall thickness: 7.4mm
  • Chin height: 9.3cm
  • Battery capacity: 1700mA

Pricing and availability

Available via Kickstarter from $99 (plus shipping and custom fees.) Campaign is live here - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/775086138/krimston-two-dual-sim-case-for-iphone

Krimston TWO will be delivered to all backers from July

(Expected price at market launch in November is $199 plus shipping and custom fees.)

About Krimston

iPhone lovers Nabil Nasr and Fouad Fattal travel a lot and in 2013, became fed up of paying high roaming fees or switching between multiple phones and SIMS whilst abroad. After creating a concept prototype for the TWO and securing a total of $800k, the pair went on to complete precertification tests and mass production tooling throughout 2015 and January 2016.