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Tech21 Impactology showcase new Impact Shield Anti Glare screen protector for iPhone and Impact Snap for MacBook at MWC 2014

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Tech21 - February 2014: Tech21, ImpactologyTM innovators, work with retailers globally including the prestigious Apple Store, with a mission to deliver the most intelligent impact protection. With over sixty products selected by Apple, Tech21 offer a comprehensive range of Apple accessories for the iPad, iPhone, iPod and now MacBook. Tech21 will showcase their latest products at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona.

1.     First Showing at MWC: Impact Shield Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Tech21 Impact Shield Anti-Glare screen protector is manufactured with high performing, scientifically proven materials to provide the world's most advanced screen protection. This multi-layer premium screen protector combines advanced impact protection, with easy application and perfect optical clarity complete with an Anti-Glare filter for an optimised viewing experience. An easy bubble and glue-free application, together with excellent tear strength, makes the Impact Shield with Anti-Glare unbeatably user-friendly and long lasting. The Impact Shield is also non-yellowing and provides UV protection.

  • Advanced impact protection: A smart multi-layer system includes a hard top layer to spread the force of impact over a wider area; a middle layer with BulletShieldTM featuring a BASF polymer, also used in bulletproof glass; and a final soft layer which also absorbs impact. Overall, the Impact Shield reduces the force passed through to the device glass lessening the threat of screen breakage. The end result is additional impact protection for your device, protecting it from day to day drops and spills.
  • Anti-Glare: Tech21's Anti-Glare feature is embedded within the surface of the protector by integrating intelligent fillers in the top hard coating which diffuse and scatter incoming light when it is reflected by the film. Achieved by using a special hard-coating containing mono-disperse nano-filters which guarantees a perfect balance of sharpness of image and interference fringe, specifically for HD displays. This superior structure combined with premium materials enables Tech21's Impact Shield with Anti-Glare to provide advanced impact protection whilst retaining perfect optical clarity.
  • Easy and fast application: Attaching the Impact Shield using OneTouchTM adhesive is simple and uses no glue, resulting in a bubble-free application within seconds.

Impact Shield Anti-Glare screen protector is available for iPhone 5c, 5s and 4s exclusively at Apple stores globally from Spring 2014. To find out more visit and watch the video:

2.     First Showing at MWC: Impact Snap for the Apple MacBook

Designed for those who work on the move, the Tech21 Impact Snap for Apple MacBook is stylish and slim-fitting with a layer of FlexShock Impact Material which absorbs, dissipates and repels the shock from any accidental drops or bumps. Simple to fit thanks to the easy "snap-on" design, your MacBook is protected within seconds. Like other Tech21 accessories, while the case is fitted customers can still access all features of the device and enjoy optimum protection. 

A range of Impact Snap MacBook cases are available from Apple Stores across Europe in four colours including; Clear, Purple, Pink and Black.  Impact Snap for MacBook and MacBook Pro Retina is available at Apple stores globally from Spring 2014 and leading retailers worldwide.

3.     Impact Trio: Multi-layer Impact Protection for the Apple iPhone 5s

Inspired by our advanced Impact Shield screen protector, our iconic Impact Trio design utilises an intelligent multi-layered structure, optimized for Impact Protection. Slim-fitting and available in a variety of colours, a glossy coating of coloured PC compound spreads the force over a larger area whilst a second layer of softened TPU dampens and slows down the shock of impact, with a final layer of D3O® Impact Material absorbing and dissipating the shock. Unbeatable user-friendliness is provided with an easy "snap-on" design, which unlike other cases on the market, makes it simpler to remove whenever you need access to the device. While the case is fitted customers can still access all features of the device and enjoy optimum protection.  A range of Impact Trio cases are available from Apple Stores globally in three colours including; White/Blue, Black/Grey and Purple/Blue.  The Impact Trio Grip has additional grip on the back making it perfect for anyone working on the move.

4.     Intelligent protection with Impact Band and Impact Mesh

Tech21 is the only brand to offer ImpactologyTM cases which provide unrivalled protection to mobile devices thanks to the unique polymer material, D3O®, which is inside each Tech21 Impact Band and Impact Mesh case. Customers can chose from a range of colours including White, Blue and Clear and Pink in the Impact Band design, which is similar in appearance to the famous Bumper style of the iPhone 4. Impact Mesh, which although similar to the Impact Band from the front, also features a mesh design to back, making the case 5 sided, and will be available in Blue and Pink so customers can pick the design and colour to suit their style. Each case is designed to provide maximum protection but still give full access to all the functionality, ports and buttons that have made this a must-have phone.

What makes Impactology different?

1.      Scientifically proven materials

The team at Tech21 pride themselves on their ability to design innovative ImpactologyTM cases which provide unrivalled protection to mobile devices thanks to the use of scientifically proven materials such as D3O® and FlexShock, combined with ingenious, slim fitting design. 

2.      Designs to suit your style - Apple iPhone 5s

Tech21 ImpactologyTM cases including Impact Trio, Impact Mesh and Impact Band are available from Apple stores in a variety of styles and colours for the Apple iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad, iPOD Touch and other devices. So customers can choose the style and colour that suits them.

3.      Full access to all the handsets functions

The latest handheld and tablet devices now packed with even more features, such as the fingerprint identify sensor technology; need to be accessed quickly and easily. With a Tech21 case this is never an issue, as every case has been specifically designed to ensure complete access to the devices functions, ports and keys. So whilst the phone is protected the performance and customer experience aren't compromised with Impactology products.

Impactology cases protect phones from accidental drops or falls by absorbing the impact. There's a range of products available for Apple iPhone 5s, 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Note3, Nexus 5 and Apple iPOD.

To find out what makes ImpactologyTM different watch the latest video here:


Impactology is a promise that all our products always deliver the most intelligent impact protection. We can make this promise thanks to a combination of scientifically proven materials, ingenious design and unbeatable user-friendliness. Find out more about how it works here 


Over the years, we have developed extremely strong relationships with leading handset manufacturers, which enables Tech21 to provide intelligent impact protection cases from the day of handset launch. We have created impact protection products for all hero handsets from Apple and Samsung, including the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4, as well as iPad and Note II ranges.

Features of ImpactologyTM products

  • Selection of ingenious raw materials, providing optimum impact protection
  • Minimalist look and feel, with access to all phone functions
  • Revolutionary design, offering complete protection

How do we do it?

Our Impactology team includes some of the world's leading polymer engineers and industrial manufacturing specialists. We work with the best available impact protection materials and discover how to use these ingenious ingredients in our impact protection cases. That's Impactology - protection made intelligent.

ImpactologyTM featuring D3O®

D3O® is the orange impact protection material that you see in our cases. In everyday use, the molecules flow freely, but upon shock or impact they lock together, absorbing the impact force and spreading the shock evenly across the surface of the material. D3O® Impact Material has been adopted worldwide by the military for its power in impact protection on the battlefield, and is also used in other high-impact areas such as sportswear.

About Tech21

Tech21 has refined its approach to creating intelligent impact protection using a combination of ingenious design, innovative materials and specialised manufacturing technologies. This is called, Impactology. As Impactologists, our team strives for new ways to protect your mobile, tablet or laptop from impact damage. We source superior materials that have fantastic protective properties, and fuse them into products that are greater than the sum of their parts. We allow consumers to focus on the quality of their lives and worry less about functional aspects, like impact protection. It is our promise to always provide the most intelligent impact protection.