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HUAWEI announces launch date for P40 PRO+

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Huawei, the global technology leader, has today announced that the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ will go on sale in UK from the 25th June. First revealed as part of the HUAWEI P40 Series launch in March, the much-anticipated flagship handset will now be available for consumers to buy online.

The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ brings the latest in intelligent camera innovations that radically expand mobile photography and video capture possibilities, which alongside the world’s best 5G experience and an iconic design, delivers the smartphone experience of the future.

Anson Zhang, Managing Director of the UK Consumer Business Group, Huawei said: “The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ continues the P Series’ heritage of imaging excellence, thanks to the unique HUAWEI Ultra Vision Sensor, SuperZoom Array and pro-level cinematic features. The handset also brings ultra-fast speed to consumers with the high-performance Kirin 990 5G Chipset, to connect people and the world around them instantly.”

All-Day Super Definition Photography

The Ultra Vision Leica Penta Camera found on the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ features Huawei’s industry-leading 1/1.28-inch sensor, which supports pixel binning to achieve a pixel size of 2.44μm. Combined with the RYYB colour filter array, this enables the camera to take in massive light and detail for super clarity day and night. The main camera sensor is also the world’s first to support Full Pixel Octa PD AutoFocus, for precise details regardless of the scene complexity and light conditions.

The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ unique SuperZoom Array comprises of two telephoto cameras for 3x and 10x optical zoom and up to 100x maximum digital zoom, thanks to the advanced periscope design with light-reflecting prisms. Combined with Triple OIS+AIS, the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ provides the best image stabilisation ever on a HUAWEI P Series device, for unrivalled zoom performance. 

The front dual camera features a 32MP camera with auto-focus and an IR depth camera, which work closely together to produce flawless selfies with natural bokeh effects. New HUAWEI Golden Snap is also available on the HUAWEI P40 Pro+, which includes AI Best Moment, an intelligent photography feature that chooses the best frames from a Moving Picture. AI Remove Passerby and AI Remove Reflection also remove unwanted subjects and glare from the frame, making quality photographic results even more readily available.

A Powerfully Compact Video Camera

The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ 40MP Ultra-Wide Cine Camera makes full use of the ISO 51200 light sensitivity to support low-light video capture, which can be a challenge even when using professional equipment. Together with the SedecimPixel Fusion Technology, which produces super pixels measuring 4.48μm, the device can achieve bright and clear footage at night. 

The Cine Camera also supports HDR content capture, 7680fps Ultra Slow-Motion recording and real-time Bokeh effects for videos – similar to the results provided by a wide aperture lens. The telephoto camera can capture high quality zoom footage as well as 4K time-lapse videos, plus the new Directional Audio Zoom allows users to zoom in on an audio source and amplify its sound at the same time.                                              

Visionary Design

The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ is equipped with the HUAWEI Quad-Curve Overflow Display, with super narrow bezels and streamlined round corners ensuring an ergonomic hold and a near borderless look, for a seamless viewing experience. Plus, the fluid 90 Hz display delivers optimised responsiveness and smoother animations, as well as a much more immersive gaming experience.

Featuring an innovative nano-tech ceramic back panel that is kilned and polished to ensure it stands the test of time, the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ delivers incredible durability and timeless style, available in Ceramic White or Ceramic Black.

A 5G Powerhouse

Powered by the intelligent Kirin 990 5G and bolstered by Huawei’s leading expertise in 5G, the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ delivers integrated 5G connectivity with the most comprehensive 5G band support, for ultra-fast speed. The 160MHz Wi-Fi 6 Plus technology also offers high-speed connectivity with support for 2,400Mbps peak theoretical transmission speed, for improved signal reception. The bespoke 4-in-1 SuperCool system ensures the best cooling performance to help the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ handle high-capacity processing produced by 5G communications.

Seamless Connectivity

The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ comes equipped with the latest EMUI 10.1 operating system, introducing new features that enable more seamless connectivity, including HUAWEI MeeTime which supports the highest video quality of all video chat applications available today. Upgraded Huawei Share also enables more streamlined connections with other Huawei devices and third-party equipment, and the new Multi-Screen Collaboration functionality breaks down the barriers between Windows and Android systems, for an enhanced mobile office experience.

Your Gateway to a Million Apps

It is now even easier for Huawei users to have the apps they want on the HUAWEI P40 Pro+:

1)    Phone Clone – One easy way to transfer your apps, contacts, data, files and photos from your old smartphone to your new smartphone, in a few simple steps.

2)    AppGallery – Huawei’s official app store with more than 420M monthly active users and a constantly growing list of apps. It features a 4-layer detection mechanism to ensure apps featured are safe to download and use. Simply browse and download the apps you need.

3)    Petal Search - Find Apps search widget - one of three ways in which Huawei users can find and download apps on to their HMS devices, alongside AppGallery and Phone Clone. Simply use it directly from the home screen of your device. You can also find the app in the Huawei AppGallery.

Pricing and Availability

The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ will launch in the UK on 25th June (RRP £1,299), available on the Huawei Store and selected retailers. Customers who purchase the device will also receive a bundled Huawei Watch GT 2 (46MM, Pebble Brown) and a Huawei SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand (40W).

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I wonder how many people will buy a £1299 (RRP) Huawei, with outstanding threats to Android, etc, and no access to Play store?

I find it hard to judge ‘cos I wouldn’t pay that for any phone, regardless of spec and/or US/China trade issues. But I wouldn't.
Having seen one review of this.. the rest will follow suit. “Fantastic camera BUT”…“almost perfect BUT”…“this is the phone you been waiting for BUT”.. BUT….. being Google apps.

There will be people (small number) who have always wanted google off their devices, this is their chance. But for £1k+?

Question if you understand camera tech… could you buy a compact for around 350max e.g. Canon Powershot G9, spend 300 on a midrange phone and take better images than p40 pro+?

There will be people (small number) who have always wanted google off their devices, this is their chance. But for £1k+?

Question if you understand camera tech… could you buy a compact for around 350max e.g. Canon Powershot G9, spend 300 on a midrange phone and take better images than p40 pro+?
As you know, I'm not exactly a Google fan, but …. really, we're Linda locked into either Google or Apple ecosystems. It's one reason why I avoided smartphones until very recently. But various events, including Covid, forced a direction change on me.

My ideal would be a smartphone where I could remove all those Google bits I don't want, and especially to opt out (or not opt in) to any off Google's obnoxious habits of data thievery and analysis. I ddo nnot want to be tracked by anybody, for any reason, be it Google, Apple, MS, Amazon …. or the Chinese government and it's appendages. I don't want any collecting, let alone analysis, of my data unless I explicitly choose to opt in.

So no, I don't want Google, but a better question, re: Huawei, is whether I'm prepared to end up locked into the Chinese ecosystem in order to avoid Google's ecosystem? The answer to that, having just decided between Huawei and Google is, a resounding no. Given that a P40, and IIRC, some P30 models meant being locked out of US-based corporates nd into Chinese lines, I went Samsung, and therefore Android/Google.

I don't like it, but I dislike it a smidge less than the other way. So if I was in the market for £1k phone (which I'm not) it wouldn't be a P40. As for the camera question, I don't know how good the P40 is at photo's but, nor do I care. I do have a very small sub-compact (Panasonic TZ-something, TZ30??) which I use for snapshots. Even the Samsung is probably good enough for snapshots.

But for serious photography, for me, no compact or phone is going to be good enough and I rely on ‘proper’ cameras and, more particularly, the associated ecosystem. One reason is a love of macro, and in many situations, that requires unusual flash support or lenses.

That, though, is going to be a minority position and for many people, modern smartphones will be photographically good enough.