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This summer’s MUST have: A SIM Only plan

Tags: Carphone Warehouse, DSG International (LON:DXNS)

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  • The cheapest SIM Only contract ever on iD Mobile
  • 500MB of data, 5000 texts, 500 minutes, bill capping, data rollover and free roaming for just £3.99 per month

iD Mobile has launched a new range of 30 day rolling SIM Only plans which feature their cheapest deal yet for just £3.99 a month – so you can still get change from a five pound note! Working out at just 13p per day*, customers can also take advantage of this in 50 destinations in the EU and beyond as part of iD Mobile’s Roam Like at Home offering.

This deal is perfect for anyone looking for a bargain mobile phone plan so they can spend their hard earned cash on other things – whether that be summer festivals or island hopping round Greece. Customers will also reap the benefits of the inclusion of automatic bill capping to help prevent nasty bill shock and data rollover giving them even more flexibility than before. 

At £3.99, your phone contract will only cost you the same, or less, than some of your favourite cheap holiday spends and souvenirs: 

  • Two scoops of Gelato in Italy
  • A bottle of Ouzo in Greece
  • A mini Eiffel Tower keyring in France
  • A small box of Mozart balls from Austria
  • A jar of homemade honey from Romania
  • Rosary beads from Vatican City
  • A kilogram of local cheese from Kazakhstan
  • A glass of Sangria in Spain
  • Waffles from Belgium
  • A Guinness in Ireland

*based on a 30 day month.