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KODAK Smart Security System for Home or Business

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Paris, 11 December 2017 – Iconic brand Eastman KODAK Company and Liz Invest SAS, a multi-specialist manufacturer of connected devices, today announced the signing of an agreement to develop and market its range of smart home and security systems. Meeting the needs of consumers to deliver smart detection, live streaming, and cloud storage services, KODAK ensures that important events are captured through the use of smart technology. By offering an entire ecosystem of products including indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, door sensor, outdoor siren, motion sensor, wireless plug and remote control, KODAK ensures that the home and office are protected by products that work seamlessly with each other.

The KODAK branded range of Smart Security Systems is available at a friendly price and offers ease of installation and use for the do-it-yourselfer. A range of full HD cameras delivering very high quality video, and compatible with the Security System, is already available.

The product range consists of an alarm system to which the user can add up to 32 Safety Accessories, including the KODAK Wireless Plugs, KODAK Motion Sensors as well as the four indoor and/or outdoor security cameras to provide a complete security system. The security system is controllable via free iOS and Android applications, with e-mail and App push notifications support. The camera offers on-camera recording to microSD card and also supports GOOGLE Drive cloud storage. Finally, to ensure optimal protection, a back-up battery is integrated to the control unit in order to keep an alarm active 24/7.

“KODAK continues to be recognized globally as a trusted brand, and we are proud to bring this product line to Europe,” said David Haddad, Liz Invest SAS. “The KODAK Smart Home Security Systems will bring consumers quality products to increase safety and security in their homes”

About Liz Invest SAS

Liz Invest SAS is a multi-specialist design and manufacturing company specialized in connected objects, whose main goal is to make daily life easier. These connected objects provide an ecosystem ensuring security and control, including HD cameras with a built-in alarm system, GSM and WiFi smart alarm, door and window sensors, smoke detectors and motion sensors. More smart home products include lighting systems via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, music with built-in speaker LED lights bulbs, and wireless plugs to control your electrical appliances from anywhere. Liz Invest offers trend references at the best price without ever sacrificing quality and service.
For any further information about us or our products, visit our website at www.be-connected.com


KODAK is a technology company focused on imaging. We provide - directly and through partnerships with other innovative companies - hardware, software, consumables and services to customers in graphic arts, commercial print, publishing, packaging, electronic displays, entertainment and commercial films, and consumer products markets. With our world-class R&D capabilities, innovative solutions portfolio, and highly trusted brand, KODAK is helping customers around the globe to sustainably grow their businesses and enjoy their lives. For any further information about KODAK, please visit our websites www.KODAK.com, follow us on Twitter @KODAK, or like our Facebook page at Facebook KODAK.