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Ring announces autonomous indoor security drone for $249

by Mark Tyson on 25 September 2020, 14:31

Tags: Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)

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In addition to the Fire devices and the Luna+ games streaming services Amazon announced yesterday, it offered up a teaser or five for its 2021 lineup of Ring branded security technology products. If you head on over to the link, you will find preliminary details of the Always Home Cam, three automotive security devices, and the Ring Mailbox Sensor. All of these are 'sign up to be notified' product news nuggets.

Always Home Cam

Perhaps the most interestingly futuristic looking new product teased by Ring is the Always Home Cam. This is described as an "autonomous indoor security camera," by Ring but another perhaps more illustrative description would be an 'autonomous indoor security drone with charging dock'.

The Always Home Cam works in conjunction with Ring Alarm and flies to pre-selected locations in your home so you can easily check on what is happening. Ring asserts that the device is "designed with privacy in mind," and describes the humming motors as a feature that makes people aware of the drone's presence - and so it isn't designed to spy on people.

In the video above you can see the "next-level autonomously flying indoor security camera," in action. The scene starts with an intruder tripping the Ring Alarm by opening a set of sliding doors. A siren goes off and simultaneously the Always Home Cam awakes, and we see a camera equipped quadcopter raise itself from the hub where it had been slumbering.

Next we see the home owner alerted by a notification on his smartphone, take out his mobile and check to see what exactly is going on. The home owner gets a live view of what is going on at home and the pesky intruder decides to run away sharpish, even though his identity has already been recorded by the quadcopter and streamed to the house owner.

The Ring announcement has some small text saying the products are US only for now, but even stateside it looks like you will have to wait until 2021 until this new set of products is released. Always Home Cam pricing has been set at US$249.99.

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oh hell no!

reminds me of this:
Awaiting seeing this at DEFCON with twin mounted cannons.
I like the idea, not sure if the dog would be able to resist turning it into an expensive flying dog chew though…
Trig;4256626']I like the idea, not sure if the dog would be able to resist turning it into an expensive flying dog chew though…

What about the idea of an autonomous camera drone provided by a huge corporation with a history of data mining operating in your home do you like?
Love it.

Just needs a stash of sleep darts ;)
Sadly my house is too small to justify one of these (you can fly heli/quads around it with care, but sill….) but its a rather cool idea!

I do wish Amazon/Ring would crack on with their smart door locks though and get them released already - its all gone very quiet on that front recently and its a big hole in their product lineup imo. Although if they are taking their time so they can make one that works with UK Multi-point locks, i'll let them off ;)