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Evesham’s new Freeview DTR250: Total viewing control at the touch of a button

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Press Release

Evesham, 21st August 2007
The way you watch TV has changed forever! Taking control of what and when you watch has never been simpler. Evesham's new DTR250 Twin Tuner Digital TV Recorder delivers a wealth of features to ensure you are just a click away from staying in total control of your TV viewing and radio listening.
A combined Digital Terrestrial (Freeview) receiver and Digital Video Recorder the new DTR250 from Evesham gives you access to all free-to-air digital TV channels and radio stations and includes a whopping 250GB HDD to record an extensive amount of TV programmes in digital quality. It includes a comprehensive selection of ports ensuring a phenomenal amount of connectivity options to suit your requirements.
The DTR250 has an automatic channel search facility so set up is not only instant but completely hassle-free and features an easy to read, full 7 day Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) which allows you to pre- schedule your weekly viewing and doubles as a multi guide to schedule recordings quickly and easily up to 7 days in advance.
Recording your favourite programmes couldn't be simpler, by adding your selections to record with just one touch of a button, the DTR250 automatically records your preset selections until either storage space is filled or until you run out of things you want to record. With Twin Tuners as standard you can even record one Digital TV channel, whilst watching another.
The DTR250 also boasts the Freeview Playback logo certifying it as a high quality product to ensure you get the best TV experience with Freeview. 'Freeview Playback' puts you in control of the 40+ Freeview channels currently available, allowing you to watch what you want at a time that suits you. You can record programmes at the touch of a button and can schedule recordings in advance, all that you record can then be played back at anytime, you can even schedule an evenings TV list based on your recordings. Not only can you record your favourite TV programmes, you can also pause and rewind live TV so that if your viewing is interrupted for any reason you can return to the part of the programme you left off or if you miss or simply want to repeat a pivotal moment in a programme you can do so with ease.
All of the DTR250's features are easily accessible with the supplied fully functioning, user friendly remote control giving you total viewing control at the touch of a button.
The DTR250 is available now for only £169.99 Inc VAT from www.evesham.com.
DTR250 Main Features:

Twin Tuner (DVB-T) – Record one channel while watching another
Time Shift - Pause live TV
One button record
7 Day EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)
Once, daily, weekly programmed event recordings
250Gb HDD
Remote Control