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It only gets easier with KWorld Vista certified goods

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Press Release

Visit KWorld in Gitex Dubai

Dubai, UAE, 8~12 September, 2007

KWorld- the multimedia industry leader brings you the high quality TV tuners with great efforts! Try hard to fulfill what you need with all Vista certified products. For more information, please visit KWorld booth at The Pavilion,  TP36-37 - http://www.kworld.com.tw/index.aspx for more information

Plus TV-DVBS PI 210

Yearning to record your satellite TV programs even when you have no time! Listen to the radio and eager to save it? Now Kworld DVBS –PI 210 solves these problems for you! During Gitex 2007,
KWorld will demonstrate the DVBS product series. DVBS PI 210- as long as you schedule the recording, you can record your favorite programs in Power-off mode. With the demand of the Windows Vista increases, KWorld makes sure you're Vista ready! It enables you to watch both satellite and analog TV .KWorld offers you with not only the Hypermedia software to help you use more conveniently but also to record TV programs as you wish. What's more, you can enjoy listening to FM radio, recording it immediately and setting your favorite channels!              

Plus TV -DVBS 300U

Eager for a digitalized life just with your PC? Still anxious for no space to set another TV set? Now worry no moreIKWorld presents you with the high quality DVBS300U.DVBS-300U is portable and easy to carry aroundIYou can use it with your PC or NB at home or on the go! It not only supports Still Image Capture in BMP format but also provides Internet service to retrieve TV programs information instantly. It has DiSEqC which can switch between a maximum of 4 sources!

It also bundled with Hypermedia software that enables you to use much easier! Just plug-and-play and enjoy the high quality TV image immediately.