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TwinMOS Introduces 2.1ch MiniBooM For iPod® & Global Positioning System At Computex 2007

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Press Release

May 22, 2007, Taipei - The Computex 2007, an annual event for computer and IT products, will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) June 5-9. Digital audio and video has become the new fashion of modern life following the vigorous development of audiovisual technology. TwinMOS Technologies will introduce at booth D302-401, Hall 1, the 2.1ch miniBooM and BooM home-theatre sets for iPod®, the Global Positioning System (GPS), full memory card series, USB2.0 Mobile Disk and full DDRIII/DDRII series. This will surely attract a large crowd to visit the booth.

Following the success last year of the BooM subwoofer home theatre series, TwinMOS Technologies this year introduces the new miniBooM series for iPod® to provide consumers with more choices. This subwoofer home theatre series for iPod® is independently developed by TwinMOS Technologies for music lovers. The built-in iPod® slot is compatible with all iPod® models, e.g. G3 /G4 /G5 /mini /nano/video/U2®. When you are enjoying music with BooM or miniBooM, they will recharge your beloved iPod® at the same time. The miniBooM comes in three color options: black, white and pink to provide more choices for consumers to display their fashion sense. The entire set, including 2 high-definition satellite speakers and one powerful subwoofer, fulfills the acoustic requirements of all users. Together with the wireless remote control, shielded speakers, FM radio, timer, alarm clock, calendar features and the function of 6 AA batteries powered, the miniBooM is your best choice for enjoying music and audio programs with MP3 players, CD players.

In addition to the home theatre series for iPod®, TwinMOS Technologies will display at Computex 2007 the Portable Navigation Device (PND) to meet the market needs. The PND, equipped with the latest product range and the latest technology combining navigation and personal digital entertainment features, not only keeps users from getting lost along the way but also provides comprehensive tourism information. It is especially suitable for young women. It is equipped with a touch screen, digital photo album and Bluetooth features. Together with the scientific design and humanized layout, this easy-to-use device will surely improve the sense of direction of career women and bring them a fun digital life.

TwinMOS Technologies also displays its comprehensive USB Mobile Disk and flash memory card products. The USB Mobile Disk range will include the previously introduced high-capacity 16GB USB disk and the latest models of the ranges, including the 32GB USB Mobile Disk, the G5 solid-state drive (SSD), the M9 USB Mobile Disk supporting Windows Vista ReadyBoost®, the F1 fingerprint identification disk and other USB Mobile Disks to meet the capacity and security needs of different users. The flash memory card range will include the high-speed miniSDHC Card which is equipped with all the features and functions of SDHC but at half the size. The Ultra-X CompactFlash card at 300x tailored for high-resolution camera-phones and professional digital video cameras can effectively enhance the data access time. The plug-and-play USDII combining the SD card and USB features is a total solution for users who don't have a card-reader. All high-speed flash memory cards, including the SDHC, ultra-x CF, ultra-x SD and MicroSDHC will be displayed at the show.

In memory modules, besides the DDR2-1066, DDR2-850 and DDR2-800 of the Overclocking Series which displays the powerful R&D capacity of TwinMOS Technologies in enhancing memory module speed, the next-generation DDR3 modules marking the new milestone of memory modules will be displayed at the show. Both the DDR3 and DDR2 modules have 240 pins, but the bandwidth of DDR3 modules are enhanced from 800MHz to 1066MHz, 1333MHz and 1600MHz. Due to the progress of die processes, the working voltage of DDR3 modules has been reduced to 1.5V which can effectively enhance the durability of laptop batteries. In addition to enhancing the manufacturing technology and performance of DDR modules, TwinMOS Technologies have a full range of products for desktops, laptops, servers and Apple PCs.