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Review: TwinMOS TwiSTER PC4000 512MB Dual Channel Memory Kit

by Tarinder Sandhu on 14 January 2004, 00:00

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TwinMOS TwiSTER PC4000 512MB Dual Channel Memory Kit Review

The race for faster system memory doesn't appear to be slowing down. Just as one manufacturer announces a pseudo standard RAM speed, another comes along with the sole intention of toppling it and claiming the title of 'fastest RAM in the world'. From our point of view, faster system RAM is always a good thing. It reduces the disparity that exists between the CPU and system's speed. It's a simple case of raising the speed of the slowest performance-specific components with a view to increasing overall efficiency.

The overriding problem with today's high-speed DDR can be summarised with a single word - latency. There are currently numerous examples of DDR500 memory. However, most manufacturers need to raise the modules' latencies to compensate for their increased speed. The ongoing problem of high speeds and low latencies appears to continue. Both terms seem to be mutually exclusive. You give with one hand and you take with the other.

Then there's the immediate question of cost. Have a look at the price of, say, 512MB of PC4000 (or however each manufacturer wishes to define memory that runs at 250MHz) from the likes of Corsair and OCZ. There's very little change from an outlay £150.

TwinMOS recently introduced its own spruced-up line of high-speed memory. Going under the name of TwiSTER (The capitalised letters refer to S - speed, TER - terrific, how cringe-worthy is that ?), it's TwinMOS' attempt to do battle with the big boys of premium system RAM> Today we're looking at a 512MB pack (2 x 256MB) of TwinMOS TwiSTER PC4000 memory. Can it emulate or even surpass the performance of more expensive memory ?. Let's find out.