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AVerMedia is, again, one step ahead of the rest

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AVerMedia’s AVerTV Express Cards ‘E568’ and ‘E508’ are certified with the ‘FIRST’ (TV Tuner Module) ExpressCard Logo

AVerMedia’s AVerTV ExpressCard E568 (DVB-T, 34mm form factor) and AVerTV ExpressCard E508 (Analogue TV 54mm form factor) have been officially certified with the FIRST and only ExpressCard Logo from ExpressCard’s TV Tuner Module catagory as a result of passing the compliance programme test at the fourth PCMCIA "PlugFest" held in Taipei, May 2005.

The compliant testing programme of ‘PlugFest’ consists of; a set of mandatory tests conducted by PCMCIA and a defined set of tests conducted between module and host systems. Both the AVerTV ExpressCard E568 and AVerTV ExpressCard E508 took the two interoperability tests respectively.

Firstly tested with a PCMCIA standard testing platform, and secondly with host systems such as Toshiba, Fujitsu Siemens, Dell, IBM, and HP to confirm interoperability - also compatibility with Microsoft software, (Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005 for instance). At the end of the ‘PlugFest’, PCMCIA correlated test results and determined that AVerMedia’s E568 and E508’s hardware and software application passed the tests with flying colours and certified them the ExpressCard Logo, namely an energetic orange rabbit.

The two ExpressCard TV Tuner Modules had been showcased along with the first wave of ExpressCard host systems and modules at Cebit, Hannover and Computex, Taipei this year. The ExpressCard Logo again confirms the technology leading role of AVerMedia and is solid proof of AVerMedia’s strict quality criteria that allows them to reach certification recognition from international technology standards.

The ExpressCard technology will bring forth the next in computer hardware upgrade. The technology aims to create mobile and hot-swappable benefits for users to connect media and new hardware to computers and other communication and consumer electronic devices. According to market predictions, more than 95% of all notebook computers use PC card technology for expansion, and that over time ExpressCard technology is expected to replace ‘CardBus’ as the I/O card expansion solution for both mobile and desktop systems.

There are more and more ExpressCard Host systems from major system brands such as Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, HP, IBM, and Toshiba gradually entering the market. AVerMedia is the first peripheral manufacturer to react accordingly.

AVerMedia’s ExpressCard Solutions will be rolled out as and when the market demands. This is expected to be during the first quarter of 2006.

The certification and product specifications can be found online from the ExpressCard Resource Directory on the PCMCIA webpage (http://www.expresscard.org/web/do/pub/product/list?parentId=10).